Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Obnoxious Midgetgor....

Well the little rune things can be covered easily with chaos bits.  I knew that I had to use the screaming gor head with the #1 salute, it was just too obvious.  I do like Avatars of War's sense of humor.
Using up some of the Procreate with these models.  I've decided I like GS and Brownstuff much more.  Very subtle differences, but noticeable to me.
So if that works, then I know of something else that works.


  1. Hah! I may have to get some to make Chaos Dwarves [proper armor wearing ladz and not half naked beast spawn] with... Hmmm,

  2. PC: You really are non-stop with these conversions. Your approach is so unlike many gamers who only have lead figures. Best, Dean

  3. Thanks guys.

    One will be on the way to you soon Mr. Butcher.

    @DeanM: Thanks Dean, my approach is make things into what I like. As you probably have seen on Mike's "The Butcher's Bill", he and I and the people that we generally hang with, we're all hooked on changing things, never satisfied in just painting miniatures for the sake of painting them, always striving to be different, even if that is a just a little bit or working in a cool theme or changing a model just subtlely to change a dynamic. For us I think the appearance of an army or a single model, is just as important as playing the game. And for me the hobby is in my opinion even more fun than the games.