Sunday, January 29, 2012

WAB News and tidbits....

Haven't felt good for a couple days, Papa Nurgle is visiting me and has this yellowish substance oozing out of my nose...and I think someone is turning the screw on the C-clamp that was accidently put on my head.

So that said, no progress on truck, no progress on the go-kart, no-progress on the Crusaders, no-progress on the chaos midgets to report.  Just sat and slept in the couch in front of the Rolex 24 at Daytonna, and I won't be going to race the kart indoors in Illinois next month, next winter I will be doing that.  My old man has made plenty of progress on his kart and has it about ready to go, we should be faster with the chassis and set-up changes.  And I did invest in a CE Armored leather jacket, tired of banging up my elbows.

Now onto the news, stuff that I'm looking forward to.  My WAB Armies of Antiquity book showed up, didn't expect it for a couple more weeks.  Paged through it and noted a few things.  Think my Romans will be played as Middle Imperials.  Lots of options for the Crusaders to play as knights also...and I like the expansion of the Middle Ages.  Pat at The Historical Wargames Podcast site did a review of the first third of the book, well worth the listen to if you like the greeks and the early stuff.

Speaking of Middle Ages....Fire Forge is getting ready to ship their Teutonic Knights.  I just put an advanced order in for two boxes, I'm looking at the AoA book and thinking about Knights and Vikings.  Although, mine won't be Teutonics, they'll be more of a western variety.  Once I receive the boxes, I'll definitely do a review of them.

Victrix is getting into the Ancients game, they made an announcement that their greeks will be coming out soon.  I'm really looking forward to that, once I see them, that will determine if I ever do any greeks.   Not like I need another project, though.

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