Saturday, July 31, 2021

My Painted Romans - Unit D

 Next up, is the finished painted Early Imperial Roman Unit, that I call Unit D.  Something that I always do is write on the bottom of my model's base what unit they are with and what number in the ranking they are with.  I do like how this unit turned out.

Movement trays have been all converted up to continue telling some story. 
The kneeling models are from Warlord's metal models and few from the plastic scorpions kit.

Love this side view below.

A close up and and a more overhead shot of Unit D.

As always much more to follow.....

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Early Imperial Roman Engineers Unit - A Painted

 Being an engineer by trade, I've always been a fan of Roman engineers and what they were able to create, and yea the detractors will say well they did that with slave labor blah blah blah.  Whatever, that was in the past.  

Here is Unit A of my EIR Engineers.

Love the guy carrying the bundle especially.

I love cool shit, and to me the engineer models were something that I had to have with the finished army.
Much more to follow....

Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Finished Painted EIR Roman Blue Unit

 Here is my somewhat finished Early Imperial Roman unit that I just simply call the Blue Unit.  

I say somewhat finished, because I forgot to paint the Signifier in blue or white.  So I borrowed this one from the surplus of command figs that I have.

As I normally do, I make the movement trays part of the story.  This will be part of the theme all the way through these units and into the Victrix units as well.
Some more shots of the full unit.
Side view.
Rear views.

Opposite side view.

I think I used up the bulk of my sword arms and veteran pilum bits with these units.  I likely be liquidating all or most of what I have left over for Warlord Games bits on Ebay at some point as I plan to never again use their plastics EIR kit after this.  I'm not sure what the final model count is just yet, but your going to see virtually all of them, plus I sold well over a 100+ painted models from the previous army.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Some tidbits of my Warlord Games EIR Blue Unit

These are the Centurion, Optio, and one of the models that I gave the cavalry mask for fun, from the EIR unit that I'm calling the Blue Unit since its the only one that is blue in color.  Below you see the backside of the models.

I'm really happy how these guys turned out.  The whites are from using a Reaper Master Series Triad over a brown base like Vallejo's Model Color English Uniform.

Love the side profile.  The Optio you see below is just simply a head from the Warlord Games Praetorian box set.

Here are some of the regular rank and file from this unit.  The full unit is up in the next posting.

I do love how the blue turned out on these.

And finally you know I must be getting close to getting these all done when I spend time on something like what follows for use as baggage train.

As always much more to follow.....

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Warlord Games Early Imperial Roman Conversions

 I've discussed this before with Warlord Games EIR.  There is one of the poses in that plastic set that I've often disliked and get annoyed with.  I've been finishing up all of Warlord Games EIR, so prepare yourselves for an Epic Blog run of  the rebuild of EIR (Warlord Games portion) army.  I sold off tons of this army previously and rebuilt it to what I wanted it to be and I'm practically done with it and likely done with many of the Warlord Games lines.

Here's what I'm talking about, sometimes the most subtle conversion is the best. So the pose is the standing pose one with the legs spread way far apart.  What I simply did is cut the legs off with my jewelers saw and stood them more upright. You can see this with the two on the left versus the speadout pose on the right.

Here's the front side now with the converted ones on the left again.

Couple more pics....

Does it take more time?  Sure does, but I'm quite happy with the way they turned out. 

Much more EIR....

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Red Box Games Sorcerer Painted...

I don't know how long I have had this model, partially painted on my desk.  Seems like forever.
I decided to do a little light sourcing on the energy ball in his hands.  Had been thinking about doing that forever as well.
Here you see the back.  I really like how the skintones and robes turned out.

Killer profile.
The energy ball is fairly cool.
There you have it, I think the experiment turned out okay.....we'll be back with some more soon.