Saturday, August 28, 2021

Early Imperial Roman Scorpions - Batch #1

These two are metal Warlord Games Scorpions.  They are pretty cool.  I rebased them at separate intervals and apparently forgot what bases I was using, oh well.

They have a good dynamic to them.

I think they turned out pretty good.  You can see I've started incorporating a few basing elements that I have been using in my Vikings and Saxons.
Below is another of the Warlord Games models. Different operating models. It and the one on the left are actually from my previous EIR army, just rebased.

I especially like the guy with the helmet off.

Although he does have kind of a crazed look to him....
Much more to follow....

Wednesday, August 25, 2021


 Rats!...As always more to come.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Painted Early Imperial Roman Unit "J"

 Well just showed "I" in the previous post, now here is Unit J.

Always one of the hard parts with doing all of this is staying consistent.  This is like a marathon.
The one poor Roman that is down on his knees is actually a Warlord Games Republican Roman casualty.

Back ranks are launching pilums.

Give them the gladius lads.  The downed Roman has a blood pool developing and that is all glossed Tamiya clear red over top of red acrylic for a nice glossy bloodpool.
This Centurion turned out pretty nice, I like how his harness turned out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

EIR and Other things - Baggage Wagon

So I have my cart done, just no baggage yet to put in the cart.
And for whatever reason there is no human model pushing these mules along.
Not much of a post, but much more to follow coming up on Saturday.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Completed Early Imperial Roman Unit Aye!

 So these posting are in the order of completion and not in the order of the unit alphabet.  So this my next completed unit, unit i.   This is another of my Warlord Games Units.

Above you can see I converted the Centurion with a holding of a head from the Victrix Romans.
I really like how this unit turned out.
Movement tray got some eye candy like the others.

Kneeling Roman is a Warlord metal model, and the Optio is actually from the Warlord Praetorian Plastics kit.

The backside, these did turn out pretty cool.

The one guy that in the middle rank that has thrown his pilum already, uses an arm from the plastic scorpion kit.

There you have it, this was unit i.  Much more to follow.....

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Early Imperial Romans Painted Engineers Unit B


You previously saw Unit A.  The bulk of my army is in either a Red paint scheme or white paint scheme.  So this unit sports that red scheme to match the legionaries. 
Again, I just think these are cool models.  From a game standpoint, don't know any use for them in WAB.  No big deal.
Above is pic of the full unit.  As always more to follow.