Tuesday, January 31, 2017

As this seasons of Vikings comes to end...Here's another Warlord

I've been enjoying making and painting Vikings.  I thoroughly enjoy the historical side of things and getting to do Vikings is fun to me.  I think this model shows some of the fun, like my previous Viking Warlord.
This model is one of my creations from the Plastic Gripping Beast models.  I converted it with a nice overhand axe pose.
 I like making the bases part of the action.  So you have the head and the fresh blood and the blood on the axe.
 Like the previous model, it really pays to take your time and sculpt the mail into the joins and gaps at the shoulders.
As always much more to follow.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

SAGA's King Alfred....

I enjoy the Saxon tales from Bernard Cornwell.  A while back I picked up this Gripping Beast Alfred model before I picked up the Saxon Miniatures models.
 Least to say I'm kind of disappointed by the model.  Its not a great sculpt, its better than the Hereward miniature, but still not very good.
I think Gripping Beast is missing the mark on many of their HQ models.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Anglo-Danish Warlord Hereward

 This is the Gripping Beast, Hereward model.  Man this is an ugly miniature and really poorly concieved in my opinion.  The face is flat, the cape is even worse.
 Gripping Beast really missed it on this miniature.  Not the shield he is carrying has a Little Big Men transfer and the one at his feet is my paint work.
Yea, I don't like this miniature.  I plan to get rid of it and will also go up for auction.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Viking Warlord for Saga

 I just finished up this miniature in one of the last groups that I painted.  Its my own build and conversion of a Plastic Gripping Beast Miniature with a variety of parts and pieces added to it.
 I really like how this model turned out.  The pose is that classic bad ass pose.
When you manipulate the joins on the plastics, you really need to take the time to sculpt the gap and overlaps with new mail.

I'm looking to buys some terrain and need a bit of hobby money, so this puppy is going up for sale.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Mad Angus Painted!

This is definitely one of my all time favorite Red Box Miniatures, Mad Angus.  A very cool sculpt and pose.  I really enjoyed painting this miniature.  I just wish his proportions fit better with my current Saxon and Viking armies.
 Unfortunately it does not and looks kind of funny put next to them.
Fun miniature that I plan to put for auction on eBay.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vercingetorix Captured!

 I got this miniature quite a while back at Adepticon.  My Romans finally captured Vercingetorix.
Fun miniature, very easy to paint.  And it has a pretty cool look about him as well.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Another Saga Saxon Warlord

This is another miniature that I just finished up.  I'm not sure of the manufacturer of this miniature.  I'm not sure where I even got this mini in the first place, or why for that matter.  Not a great looking mini.  I tried to spice it up a bit in the paint work and with the basing.
I think the shield turned out really cool on the base.  I plan to use that scheme on my own Saxon army.  This is another mini that I have no plan to keep and will likely place it up on eBay soon.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A SAGA Warlord...

 I finished up painting this miniature.  I'm not really sure who manufactured this mini to begin with.  The casting took a bit of work to smooth out.  I think the paint scheme turned out okay.
 Its kind of a neat pose.  The casting on the cape is a bit rough, but  it does kind of look a bit tattered.
I don't plan on keeping this miniature.  It will likely go up on auction on Ebay soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

More Work in Progress on the Desk

I'll have this bunch of Saxons and Vikings and support troops done by the end of the night and have another batch ready to go. 

Mostly Gripping Beast plastics..

Some Foundry thrown in.
The pic above of the 3 Reaper gals will take a bit longer to get done.  You can see Red Box Games, Mad Angus in the background, that's about done.

As always more to come.