Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog Announcement

I'm not really a Facebook person, mainly because I really don't care for being social.  My dad is a different story.  We decided that we had enough people that were curious about how our racing has been going and wanting to keep up with what we are doing, that we would set something up for keeping people informed.  He's not very tech savy and well I'm just a little bit more up on computers, so I set up a Facebook page for our racing creatively named Welte Racing, found at the following link, at least I think that will get you there:

So if you wish to follow that, feel free, as it will be regularly updated with racing news and results and kart building etc.... 

So what does that mean for the blog, well for one less kart racing coverage as I'm not going to post stuff at both locations.  My youtube channel will still be linked in at the side of the page.  I may give some updates on kart builds or repairs and occasionally on races, but if you want to know how the races went and more, I will direct you to that facebook thingie.

That's it for now.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Immortal Miniatures/Warlord Greeks (Short) Review

Immortal Miniatures' classical Greeks have been out for quite sometime.  I recently picked up a box for quite cheap off Ebay.  One of the local guys I know has built some of these and complained about the spindly size of the minis.  Most of the time when around his though I only had my midget Warlord Games Romans with me for size comparison.  I mainly bought these for a conversion that I planned knowing that they were smaller than the Victrix Greeks which were a little too big for the conversions that I had in mind.  It is rather ironic that the company that probably has the most scale issues in their miniature line, buys out immortal Miniatures and consequently incorporates even more scale issues.
So with all that said, here is a brief size comparison for everyone amongst a variety of Greeks.  Below: 1. Victrix; 2. Immortal, 3. Gorgon, 4. Immortal, 5.Foundry, 6. Immortal, 7. Victrix, 8. Foundry

 Below closer shot of the models on the left.
 Below a closer shot of the minis on the right from the numbered photo.
Below the face off between the Immortal on the left and Victrix on the right.
 Below with the Gorgon on the right.
 Below with the Foundry mini on the right.
 Below with Immortal on the left and Victrix on the right.
Immortal did a nice job on much of the detail, but they are just way too small for my liking.  And being smaller that detail becomes very fine and in my opinion will be harder to paint.  The Victrix, Gorgon, and Foundry scales are much more to my liking.  The Immortals are more spindly than my Warlord Romans, but yes the Romans are still a little shorter.

Next up the review of the Victrix Mercenary and Athenian kits.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chaos Space Marine Converion - Wolf Killer

Well this is the last one for the foreseeable future.  I have no more Chaos Space Marine bodies left in the bits box, and I don't plan to replenish anytime soon.  I mounted this one on a converted 40 mm base.
 I also gave him a Space Wolf back piece.
 Below is a shot of the base, composed of broken pieces of Apoxie sculp, HO Scale Railroad ballast, and Italian Seasoning.
This miniature along with a number of the others that I have recently shown will be going up for auction on Ebay for cheap later today.  I'll post an update with the auction listings later. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

In the Bug...

Found a couple of really cool pictures of me in the Bug from this past weekend that a spectator shot.

This was in one of the left handers, driving the kart into the corner deep and kind of crossing it up a bit. 

And below is me winning an award for the Best Modified Vintage kart.  My dad did all of the mods, I'm the driver.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - October: A Reaper Boris

 Circa:  May, 2004. 
This is the very first miniature that I painted in the so-called Non-metallic-metal technique.  It's a Reaper Miniature.  I believe they call it Boris Mingla or something  like that.  A cool looking mini.
I learned some much about blending, highlighting, and shading by painting in this technique. 
 A lot of people in the hobby poo-poo the technique and you get a lot of people that strongly express their dislike for anything painted in the technique.  BUT I think a lot of them really miss the fact that its a great way to exhibit expression and also a great technique in teaching someone to learn how to paint in blending, highlighting and shading in a lot of colors that I find very hard to paint.

Below are some close-ups of the details.
I still love the armor on this miniature.  May have to see if they have cast this mini in Bones and pick up another.  I sold this one years ago.