Sunday, March 31, 2019

Return of WIP on the Desk....been a bit quiet but hard at work

Yea....I'm still here and still painting and drawing away.  Recently, I've been on a Roman kick, painting away, but I also did a bunch of Saxons, Vikings, and fantasy models.  This is what is on the desk currently in different stages of completion.

I needed a few more back rankers in the Vikings, so with this batch of Romans are some red tunic Vikings.
 A bit of a closeup of this Roman officer.
 On my desk, I'm often way behind in spraying clear coat and finishing up bases, which are part of the process that definitely do not thrill me.  So here in the back you these sealed clear boxes are completely painted models waiting for that to happen.
Lower right you can see I have some fantasy models.  The Romans being painted are part of the complete overhaul/rebuild of my Roman army.  I probably have another 80+ models to paint as part of the Warlord Games Romans, then I'm completely finished with those Romans and will be adding some Victrix Romans in.
So as always more to follow......just busy, busy, busy.

Monday, March 4, 2019

A bit of inking....My inks over pencils by Bart Sears

Some classic X-O that character, a lot of fun doing this.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Viking Giant....?????

I know PPC you have lost your damned mind. Last post a Bretonnian and now a 54mm Viking.
 Yea I know.  I saw this miniature on Ebay and had to have him.  Not a bad pose, pretty decent metal casting, came from Russia.  This is the first time that I believe I've painted a 54mm miniature as well.
 It does present some issues with blending and highlighting.  Things you can get away with at 28mm look not really very good on 54mm.
 I had to blend more and highlight more.  The basing is the same as my 28mm models.  I do plan to use this miniature as a giant with my 28mm Vikings in Dragon Rampant.

 I think the cape turned out really well.  I may do some more of these big Vikings.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Bretonian WTF!!???!!

 Yea you are probably like PPC, that's not a Viking or a Roman or Chaos...what the heck are you doing.  Well I once had a dream....well I have lots of dreams and let's not go there.
 At one time, I wanted to build a Bretonian army.  I accumulated a bunch of pieces for the models, then the newer models came, then the demise of Warhammer came about....then I decided to dump all that I accumulated on Ebay.  Or at least I thought I had dumped everything.
 I found this guy in the bitz box, so I threw him together and painted him up.
 I might keep him around for the occasional RPG/Frostgrave game.
 I think he turned out alright.
As always....well, no.  There will not ever be anymore Bretonnians from me.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

A few more Crusaders

My crusades stuff has not gotten much love lately, but I do have new models for it as well.
 They are Conquest Miniatures.  I did have a bit of a hard time remembering some of my Holy Land blue paint scheme, but I think I found it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Viking by Saxon and Saxon

Now that's a confusing title eh?
 Yep.  A Viking warlord by Saxon Miniatures now Warlord Games.  Fun pose on this one.  I did not like Colin's hand on this one though, so I chopped it off and put a Gripping Beast Plastics hand on it instead.
 This is a close up of one of my Gripping Beast Saxons.  I do like the heads on these miniatures.

 My standard blues and leather.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Berserker Conversions!!!

 Back when I played lots of WAB, I needed more of these guys.  I'm planning on playing more WAB, so now I have lots of these guys for WAB or whatever.
 They are pretty much all Warlord Games Barbarians converted with Gripping Beasts heads.

A sharp eye will recognize the large decapitated head is from one of my Saxon Miniatures' conversions that I showed a few posts ago.  Don't let bits like that go to waste.
Fleshtones are all Reaper Master Series paints.

Monday, February 4, 2019

2nd Foundry Viking Unit!!! Painted Glory for Odin....

 Yep this the second unit full of character.  Gotta love those Foundry minis.
 The guy in the center of this unit next to the fat shirtless guy is simply awesome.  I love his pose and that beard is incredible.
 The fat guy is not bad either.

 A bit of close up the eyecandy on the movement tray, and a view of the backside of the unit.  We are
nearing the end of this wave of Vikings, then I'm moving on to the rebuild of my Romans.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Viking Swordsman and Converted Dane Axes...

 This is one of the former Saxon Miniatures' Viking Warlords, now a Warlord Games model.
 I have two versions of this model.  I think its a semi-cool looking model, but its to linear.  The second model I'm likely going to at least bend the shield arm.
 I needed guys with Danes Axes, now I have a bunch.  A variety of pieces used in making these guys.  The one on the left has a Gripping Beast (GB) Plastics body with arms from Wargames Factory models that Warlord Games now owns and produces.
 The next one is a GB Viking with a Dark Ages head.  The next one in blue is a body from Wargames Factory with GB arms and a GW Empire Flaggelants head, and then the standard GB.
Once know it....more to follow.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The first War Games Foundry Viking Unit....

Well more like a just an assembly of a lot of my painted Foundry Vikings.  They are fun models.

 I do have to say I really enjoyed the beards on these guys, I've always struggled sculpting beards on my guys and they definitely gave me ideas on what I was doing wrong in my attempts.
 I decided to give them pretty much all plastic shields from left over Gripping Beast models.
 I just think the plastic shields are much nicer.  I did see that Victrix is getting ready to release their kit with some even larger plastic shields and I'm going to assume that their scale may be slightly larger than the GB Plastics.
 They are old sculpts, but I think they do stand the test of time.
 I really like the guy with the white raven shield second from the corner.

They you are, more to follow.