Saturday, February 5, 2022

My Painted Maximus....

Ahhhh you probably guessed this one was coming as the general.

While a cool model, its also another of the major disappointments with Warlord Games and their scale issues.  I'm actually kind of glad that I am basically done with them.
This miniature really does not fit scale wise with anything in their line.
That said I think it turned out well.  The back of the model is really flat out boring.
I tried to give the back a bit more 2D dynamic with the colors on the cape.

Again not a great model, but definitely has some character....
That's it for a little bit of the completed models.  But don't be sad, I have more on the desk....

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Some of the New Painted Roman Command Models

This is the first Footsore model.  I really like the pose of this guy to be one of my Generals.
Just a super storytelling like pose.

I like how it turned out.
Below is another of my converted generals.  This one uses a GW Empire head of all things.  I built that model probably 10 years ago.

I think he is kind of a cool looking conversion.

Then below is one more Centurion, this one with a Victrix plastic head.

He turned out pretty cool looking on a Foundry body.

One more to come of the completed models, then maybe some WIP at the desk.....