Sunday, March 31, 2019

Return of WIP on the Desk....been a bit quiet but hard at work

Yea....I'm still here and still painting and drawing away.  Recently, I've been on a Roman kick, painting away, but I also did a bunch of Saxons, Vikings, and fantasy models.  This is what is on the desk currently in different stages of completion.

I needed a few more back rankers in the Vikings, so with this batch of Romans are some red tunic Vikings.
 A bit of a closeup of this Roman officer.
 On my desk, I'm often way behind in spraying clear coat and finishing up bases, which are part of the process that definitely do not thrill me.  So here in the back you these sealed clear boxes are completely painted models waiting for that to happen.
Lower right you can see I have some fantasy models.  The Romans being painted are part of the complete overhaul/rebuild of my Roman army.  I probably have another 80+ models to paint as part of the Warlord Games Romans, then I'm completely finished with those Romans and will be adding some Victrix Romans in.
So as always more to follow......just busy, busy, busy.

Monday, March 4, 2019

A bit of inking....My inks over pencils by Bart Sears

Some classic X-O that character, a lot of fun doing this.