Saturday, March 12, 2011

A comparison of Boars...Black Orc Warboss Style

I recently posted the Blorc Warboss on the right. I thought this might illustrate why I rejected him for my army. The one on the left is on the new GW boar and was a commission build for the VC Bashin' Orcs that I have building.

The Blorcs are definitely not an issue with me. The Boars....err...boar and feral pig are.

The other thing that is killing the one on the right for me is the lack of dynamics. The feral pig is boring. The Boar on the left is dynamic and much more exciting.

I will say the one on the right is a much easier conversion.

So there you go, a Boaring comparison. Ewww that was bad.


  1. Not at all boaring....
    must have been a bit of a pig to convert the one with tusks...(get it?..pig):-D Sorry.
    Both look really good...I certainly wouldn´t want to meet a boar with tusks like that!

  2. Boaring comparison - LOL

    Nice conversion work by the way :)