Thursday, March 10, 2011

My new ride..orcs say blue is lucky right?

Well spring is coming, my old truck is not quite done, but the new go-kart is getting there. My old retired father is a racing nut, and started go-kart racing back in the 1950's. He designed and built a bunch of new go-kart frames. So this is mine with body/nose on it. And yes he is going racing this summer.
Decided to paint the top of the body in blue, left over paint from 1988, actually the color and paint from my first truck. The black is the fiberglass gel coat and will probably get a bit abused. And I do have a decal number and of course the my name Psychosis is on it, its on the other side, should have shot a picture of it.
Pictures of the kart frame without the body. This is a much heavier and better built frame than the kart I was running for fun on dirt ovals last summer, which was an old Italian made kart from the 1970's, and I broke the frame half a dozen times. Lots of welding repairs on the old one. This one will hold up to the abuse.

Yes its set up for oval track racing, not too many road/sprint courses around here. Plan to run on dirt and pavement. And yes the right front tire is all of 11-inches wide. There is a ton of stagger in the kart. The left front is about 6-inches wide. Its even set-up so that I can adjust the camber in the front tires.


  1. Isn't blue the weirdboy colour that blows everyone up? And red goes fasta.

  2. Blue it is! Though to make it more appealing and sexy, you'll need to pimp it even more. Try to change the tire mags. And the colorful blend of yellow and orange is perfect already. Take away the white one on the line and your Kart is good to go!

    Leisa Dreps