Saturday, December 15, 2012

FireForge Games - Templar Knights Kit Review

Well, I purchased the Teutonic Knight kit previously and it was an extreme pleasure, as its one of the most gorgeous sets of miniatures out there in my opinion. So recently I picked up the Templar Knight box from Fireforge Miniatures, actually ordered from the Architects of War. This kit is mostly like their first release. The models are listed as 28 mm scale. Much like the Gripping Beast Plastics, Warlord Games, and Conquest Games the plastic sprues for Fireforge come out of the molding from Renedra. Renedra’s quality is extremely high and rivals that of anyone on market.
In this kit are 12 multi-piece mounted knights that share many of the same components as the Teutonics, 4 different torso poses for the riders, 4 separate capes/cloaks per sprue. They have the same torsos, same weapon arms, and some of the same horses. I once again love the fact that they are multi-piece and allow me to mix and match and change things as I see fit. They come with an assortment of 20 heads mostly all different from the Teutonic kit (10 unique designs). They share the same 5 different hand weapon arms, and 4 different lances. The kit has 6 different shields, and these are not the same as the Teutonic kit. The other thing different about the kit is it includes a new horse sprue, horses without the caparison / barding.  Not shown are the Renedra bases, I already dumped those on Ebay as I will be going all wood with mine.
I’m very much a fan of the helmets and helm selection that they have. This is my favorite period of history and they are well done. I look forward to opening and reviewing the Sergeants Box set next.
They also include a command sprue with many options on it in the kit. Excellent piece in itself, having flags, a musician's horn, and a cross. This is the same sprue as the Teutonics kit.
The horse sprues, like the Teutonic has two different horse poses that can be mixed and matched, and three different heads, so fairly nice variety, especially when accompanied by the second un-barded horse sprue. When assembling the horses, the two halves join up nicely, and don’t have a real big seam in the rump. I had small issue with that in the Conquest Games miniatures horses, that was easily correctable. On these though the rump is good, the saddles can be a bit of issue, but like the Conquest Games miniatures, easily curable.
Below is a pic of the un-barded horse sprue.  Very nice looking.  Two of these sprues are included in the kit.
No comparison pics at the moment.  This is essentially just like the Teutonics, so I will refer you to that review.  Fireforge Teutonic Review Link
When I pick up and review the mounted sergeants, I'll assemble the unbarded horses and do some more comparison picks.
This in my opinion is a great kit, the sculpting is awesome and crisp, has plenty of undercut, over the top detail.  In my opinion, the absolute best mounted knight kit on the market that I have seen.  Looking forward to the sergeants and the infantry.


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  2. Hi,
    did you ever compare these to the perry's mounted men at arms?

    1. Not exactly. The caparisoned horse and rider are however identical to their Teutonic kit, just different heads and shields, and I did compare the Teutonics to the Perry Minis. You can find that on the "Reviews" page, or by clicking the embedded link in the above review.

      I do plan to review the Mounted Sergeants kit soon.