Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Old Stuff Wednesday - December: Converted Centigors

Or should I say converted centaur centigors.  I've never really liked the GW centigors, so circa 2004, I decided to make some actual centaurs for my beastmen army.
These used the plastic gor torso and the GW plastic medieval horse.  That old horse body I believe is still available with the GW Pistoliers.  You do have to remove the saddle by simply shaving and sanding it smooth.
I previously made the armored centaurs that I called the Knightgors of Khorne, and so this was a much easier conversion than those.  I later made a third version of the centaurs using gors and wood elf horses, probably the best of the centaurs.
Paintwork was done in a very similar style as my gors, bestigors, and the afforementioned Knightgors.
I also carried the fur coming off the back of the gor onto the horse body.  These were a lot of fun to build, and below you can see some of the pre-paint shots of the builds.
I used the tabards to cover the front of the join between horse and torso.
Here you can see the sides of the horses and the areas where the saddles use to be.
 And below the backs.

So there you have it my Centaurs.


  1. Great conversions, always nice to see the actual greenstuff work.


  2. Hey thanks. I enjoy showing the build pictures as much as the painted.

  3. I still envy this army with its amount of conversion and complete paintedness ;P

  4. Where do you get the extra plastic horses? Do their riders end up in the bit-box or what?

    1. Ebay. Yes the riders end up in some other conversion usually or go to trade or Ebay.