Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First unit of the Saxons

I bought a couple of boxes of Gripping Beasts' new Dark Ages figures.  I will have a review on that box set at some point.  Having worked a bit with them I have a good understanding of what can be done with the figures now.

Anyways I have had these Saxon Thegns for awhile.  The kit in my opinion is not quite as good as the Viking kit by still pretty good.  Its a big unit, but made to be somewhat modular with the Thegns up front and the Fryd consisting of the new Dark Ages figures in the back.

I did convert a few models.  The movement tray is actually for my Chaos army, just using it for display purposes at the moment.
Like I did with the Vikings, I'll paint the shields separate and then attach them later.

More Saxons to come.  Haven't had time to shop for a camera at the moment to replace my old Nikon, so the pics are a bit rough, which also means we will have to wait for showing my horde of painted Vikings.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - May: Black Templar on a Rock

Circa May 2004.  This is one of the few Black Templar Space Marines that I have ever painted.  I did a test piece prior to this for my Space Marine Templars and soon figured out that I did not like painting black and white, so I changed my color scheme to blue and white.  Later on I was commissioned to do a Black Templar dreadnought, so I painted this piece as a color scheme test.
 Not sure what I was thinking with that rock on the base, a piece of baked super sculpy.
 I still think this power sword really turned out cool.
I used to do collages of photos.
The back of the mini sported my stark highlight scheme, again from my Cerulean Templars.
Yea that rock looks dumb.  The tabbard was a sculpt by me, and not a very good one.  The black highlights look pretty decent.  I no longer have this miniature in my collection, as I sold it years ago.