Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spawning a new bug

A long time ago I built some chaos trolls for my beastmen and absolutely hated the models after I finished them, they were quickly thrown out of the army. When the spawn kit came out I decided to strip them down and see what I could do with them, and the first turned out pretty cool. This is the second one, chaos troll converted into chaos spawn. Now there was a bit of dremel work done and bit of GS work done to blend all of the parts to make a nasty looking bug. Now I really like the chaos trolls as chaos spawns, much better.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some more messing around with 40k Chaos...

Sometimes all it takes is really subtle conversions to make your army unique and interesting. These are some examples of just that, simple head and arm swaps and use of a variety of chaos space marine parts. Take advandtage of all of the new plastic pieces out there. The great thing with chaos is that the 40k parts and Fantasy parts are practically interchangeable.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finale to Armor Tutorial

Got around to shooting pics of the pieces from tutorial. A fun bit of work, getting ready to prime, and very soon expand the number of bloodletters I have at my disposal. And here is the final work minus the bl spine pieces, hope you enjoyed the tutorial:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Continuing the Armor Plate Tutorial

Now back to the arm. I’m not making a number of plates, but I am using the same technique to make raised edges around the perimeter of the plate. In this picture I am gently denting the plate with the cup chisel. I do this by pushing edge in and then gently drag it back to smooth the central area. Again we are doing this after we got the plate completely smooth and the edge defined.

Now with this being Khorne, I kind of like to do that beaten brass plate look so I’m taking another step here, to make it look like it was beaten out with a hammer, a sort of ball-peened hammer look. For this effect, I’m using the ball stylus.

There you have it. How I make armor plates. After you have all of that done, decide if you want rivets and straps and other thing added to them.

I'll put up some final pics of the Bloodletters in a bit.

Next step plate making

Alright, let’s do some armor plates. Here we have a set of bloodletter legs, I’ve added a sheet of GS to the legs in the general shape that I want on the leg, and smoothed it out with my fingers. Again use water and/or lotion on your fingers to smooth out the GS.

Next shape up the armor plate edges with the knife end of your sculpting tool. Done right this will give you a fairly sharp edge.

Smooth out the plate. In this picture you see me using the round cup smoothing out the GS. This is a cool picture, as you can actually see the water between the cup and the GS, as I was lifting the tool to back up and smooth an area out.

Here you see me using the spoon/spatula end of the metal sculpting tool smoothing out the GS on an arm.

At this point I want to make the plate on the leg into several plates, so I’m using the firm flat chisel point to make raised edges for what will be overlapping plates.

More to follow soon.