Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Saxon Miniatures Acquired by Warlord Games

Part of me is not happy to see this.  Another part of me understands why it occurred and thinks it is a positive thing.  Hopefully, Warlord Games gives it and Collin full backing and gets its act together to move full force into periods its essentially neglected up until now.  I look forward to seeing what they do with it, good or bad its happening, and it may be good for those of us who like these miniatures and the periods that Saxon Miniatures covered. 

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  1. They have to learn to spell my name properly though...

  2. When Warlord Games entered into their agreement with Wargames Factory, the only thing that happened was the lines that competed with Warlord product (ie the WWII sets) were removed from the company line, prices jumped dramatically (like double or more, depending upon the set!) and sprues were altered so there were a LOT less figures on them (ie the 'Modern Special Forces' sprue that had 8 figures on, was changed down to 4 poses and the other 4 replaced with bases)...

    That's what Warlord brings to the table.

    1. Well a lot of the personnel learned that from Games Workshop.