Sunday, August 3, 2014

On the Workbench: Caeserian Roman Legionaries - In Paint WIP

 WIP on the Workbench is back.  I had a bit of time so, back to some paint work.  I've had these Foundry Romans for quite sometime.  Back before the Plastic Warlord ones came out, I was grabbing blisters of these off of Ebay for a historical roman army.  When I build armies, I normally prefer to work with plastic.  So I built the Imperials instead of these.

But like most Foundry miniatures they are very well done and fun to work with.  They practically paint themselves, and look very nice.  The one thing I've never liked though is how they hold the pilums, but that is just from the way that they had to be cast and I can get over that.

So in the couple photos I have pretty much all of the highlighted paintwork done.  Next I will be giving them a bit of color washes to blend everything and add some shadows.
The shields will likely be painted in a nice matching red color without any icons or water slides/decals.  These will go up for sale once they are complete.  The basing will just be generic earth-tones similar to a couple of the models that you seen base painted in the pics.