Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Piecing Together My Return to 40k

The pieces are forming in my head.  I have lots of leftover Templar bits and some Dark and Blood Angels bits.  In order to build this army, I’m going to be using as much of the left over stuff as I can.  So how best to combine all of this?  I’ll do a winged cross as the icon, sort of Affliction T-shirt inspired in design, I remember some cool Icons that they had on some of the shirt designs that I had seen a long time ago watching some MMA fights.  So the icon is settled, as is the color scheme in red and white.  Now I need to do some icon sketches to get it right.  I’ve found two Forge World Dreads, a Vindicator, couple of Rhinos, and a partial Land Raider kit when I was packing and unpacking.  I ordered some bases from our little buddy over at Dragonforge, which should arrive later this week.  And I have two 1/32 scale Tanks that have actual rolling chassis that I plan to convert into Predators.   

Now I need a name for my DIY Chapter of winged crosses.  Suggestions?


  1. That is funny, considering that GW was considering suing Affliction for IP infringement.

  2. Winged crosses for a chapter logo...hmmm... How about "Armoured Saints"? It's actually the name I chose for my own DIY chapter (which I hope to build some day, rather than just dream about building), inspired by the heavy metal band Armored Saint (with a "u" as a nod to the British-ness of 40K). I think the 40K universe can support two Armoured Saints chapters, should you choose to run with it. If not, perhaps you can use some synonyms that sound good together (Shielded Prophets? Girded Seraphim?). Anyway, hope this helps you pick just the right name.

  3. @ Fiend: Really? I've not heard that before. You essentially what Affliction has done is printed tatoo art on T-shirts. Good luck if they do attempt to sue them.

    @ Sean: Armored Saint, I know that band, use to listen to them a long time ago. I'm not Britsh so I would spell it correctly and leave out the "u". LOL.

    Last time I did Cerulean Templars and did occassionally recieve flak from GW Fanboys that did not like that they were blue and white, hence the Cerulean (blue color). I'm going to attempt to avoid that this time.

  4. Yeah, there were a few shirts that had the straight-up Aquila on them, and there was the Affliction logo that was pretty much the Skaven symbol. Skaven symbol they probably couldn't do much for, but you can see how they would be upset about the Aquila.

    This was a good four, five years ago, about the same time they quashed Cyanide and Chaos League, which eventually became the recent Blood Bowl game.