Thursday, December 22, 2011

Next...Slaanesh Chaos Spacemarine

I don't know how long that I've had the Slaanesh champion backpack and sword arm.  Its sat in the box for an extremely long time.
I have a slaanesh spacemarine head that is a bit different, it will get used on another conversion.  So I decided to make a head that looks similar.  You also notice if you closely that this model actually has a set of abs inside of the GS girdle.
Plasma pistol from the berzerker sprue.
The GS girdle / belt uses techniques shown in my GS Tutorial for making armored plates. Found at the following links:

And again a draping on the leg.  The next Slaanesh mini will be in a much cooler pose.


  1. There are chaos models with their abs showing?? What set did this come from??

  2. It is a conversion. GW does not make that. Fairly easy to sculpt, I believe I have shown how to to do that on the bloodletter tutorial.