Monday, September 7, 2009

Continuing the Armor Plate Tutorial

Now back to the arm. I’m not making a number of plates, but I am using the same technique to make raised edges around the perimeter of the plate. In this picture I am gently denting the plate with the cup chisel. I do this by pushing edge in and then gently drag it back to smooth the central area. Again we are doing this after we got the plate completely smooth and the edge defined.

Now with this being Khorne, I kind of like to do that beaten brass plate look so I’m taking another step here, to make it look like it was beaten out with a hammer, a sort of ball-peened hammer look. For this effect, I’m using the ball stylus.

There you have it. How I make armor plates. After you have all of that done, decide if you want rivets and straps and other thing added to them.

I'll put up some final pics of the Bloodletters in a bit.

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