Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm Back!!!

Wow....its been awhile now hasn't it?  Well I'm still in recovery mode, but getting much better.  I even got out quite a bit on the race track, won some races, ran pretty fast.  Still adjusting to the balance issues and hearing loss. My taste buds are dull, but getting better.  Facial nerves appear to be healing.  I definitely do not recommend brain surgery for anyone, but if you have to have it done, well then Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN is the place to go.   And, quite frankly the changes that Games Workshop made to Fantasy didn't help my motivation to get back to Warhammer.  I absolutely have no interest whatsoever in Age of Sigmar.  There is nothing anyone can say or do that will change my mind on that.  With that note, I've trashed just about all of my Warhammer plans.  I'll be switching gears back to Vikings and probably some 40k models.  For the most part its back to modeling and painting, probably no gaming.  With the loss of hearing in one ear it really makes it difficult for me to hear in loud convention halls.  I do have a new Iwata Airbrush that needs to get broken in.

And with the blog, I will also be dragging along that Facebook page that I created for the workshop.  It will eventually get some of its own content also.  If you have not been there, check it out:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chaos War Mammoth WIP update

I've made considerable progress since you last saw this.  Quite frankly its looked liked this for about 3 weeks now as I have worked on other things.
Above you can see I have started on the chaosing of the Mumak, adding horns where there should not be any.  The Mammoth is he, but obviously the Chaos Gods are mean.  And this time I wanted some battle scars.
 The sculpted howdah wood grain is all out of Apoxie Sculpt laid over plastic.
I'll be adding many more chaos symbols.
Above is some blended in Nurgle like stuff going on.  The red and blue sharpie layouts are notes to myself as I'm going for different effects and fur line.
 I was going to have third platform, but it just did not look quite right so the back will likely have a bunch of chains hanging down. 
It continues........

Monday, May 18, 2015

Car Wars ---- Mad Max affliction

Don't know sometimes.....saw Dave Taylor messing around with car wars and I had this Hot Wheels '71 Plymouth sitting on my desk for ages and it got a little close to some of my bits sitting around on the table and things transpired.....
I'm likely not done with it yet, obviously it needs to be painted.  
Part of my plan is to mask off some of the Mopar green, a just simply hideous color, but probably perfect what will likely happen paint wise.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saxon Miniatures' Vikings

Just received my shipment of Vikings from Saxon Miniatures.  Very nice looking sculpts for the most part.  I'll probably do a detailed review of the minis and some scale comparisons, very much look to be in-line scale wise with Gripping Beast.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

4th Complete Viking unit in Paint....

 This is my fourth unit of Hersir's all painted up.   Quite a few subtle conversions in this one also.
Both models on the ends are converted to be crouching.  The one with the shield overhead converted from a War Factory Games model.
There are also a few converted heads on some of the models.  And again I added some eyecandy to the movement tray.
The shields are mix of my paint and Little Big Men transfers.
Flag is a conversion that I did with hand painted details.

The basing is much the same, and I'm really digging the flowers and tall grass mixed in.  I will be definitely doing more elaborate basing for things in the future.  And its also held up quite well.

The dead Saxon is actually a Warlord Games barbarian casualty figure.  Then I decided I needed a Viking downed in the ranks for more story.
Below is a closeup of the downed viking and the front rank.
As always.....there is always more.....that is not not done yet.  I have more Vikings, especially bondi to do, both of the Gripping Beast plastic types and also some Foundry ones.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Something a bit different....Captain America

Been a while, on my other table is a piece of 11x17 art board, where I've drawing a Captain America piece to help get back to something normal.  This inspired and my recreation after the classic pose that Jim Lee did back on his Uncanny X-Men run.  I like Jim Lee's work, just have never been able to draw in that hatched style.  At some point I'll put ink to it and a foreground.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

3rd Viking Unit in Paint

Pretty much the same thing going on here as with the other units.  Lots of candy and gripping Beast goodness.  The two berserkers are the old casts, and are showing their age, I did a bit of smoothing and updating on them.  I will be replacing them.
I really like the main character below, the hornblower next to him is a cool figure also.
The standard bearer turned out pretty cool, one of the plastic models converted up with a banner left over from the Fire Forge knights.
A bit of eye candy on the movement tray in front of them.
I did a pose for my chaos marauders some years ago and the Viking on the end reminds me of that model standing over a dead enemy.
Better close up of him below.

More pics of the back ranks.  These are painted to the same quality as the front.  I'll eventually shoot some pics of them, as they are pretty cool in their own right.
I really dig the GB plastics.  They are very nicely detailed models with a lot of variety.