Thursday, May 19, 2016

WIP on the Desk.....errr.....TV stand thingie......Romans & Saxons

Last month or so has been pretty busy, been working on my car, karts, house and other things, but I did clean up and assemble a whole bunch of Romans, as well as a bunch of Saxon Miniatures, Saxon Warlord line.
As you can see in the pic of the Romans, there are a lot of the legionaries assembled, all of which are Warlord Games models.  After seeing the Victrix model preview, I kind of wish that I would have waited, but I did get a really good buy on these off of Ebay, about a 1/3 of the price of the brand new army box.  I also have a couple of RAFM onagers that I assembled a crew to man them from these plastics and a couple more scorpions.  Also as you can see in the pic while I was watching something on TV, I decided to fix the pose with the arrow by it on a lot of these, by standing them up more straight.  More on that conversion later.

Below is a pic of the Saxon Warlords, actually only a portion of the Warlords, as I pulled out a couple to include in my early crusades army that has a sort of Norman feel to it.  Also buried in there is a Warlord Games Celt that I converted to add to my Viking horde.  I’ll have a more detailed review of them later and size comparison shots with other manufacturers.  Some of the models are very nice.  A few of them have some casting hick-ups with smoothness in the capes that need to be filed and sanded.  No real mold lines problems and flash to speak of.  I do like the Saxon Miniatures’s Saxons.  My Saxon army is one of the next ones that I have primed and ready for paint, these will be added as characters and such.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Old Stuff Wednesday: Big Screen TV 40k Templar

 Many years back I did a test sketch for one my 40k armies the Cerulean Templars.  I believe the sketch was done in pen &ink, water color, and color pencil.
 I actually built a spacemarine to look like the concept sketch

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Old Stuff Wednesday: Bretonian in a Duel

Another old one, this was a pair of OOP Warhammer Fantasy models.  The Bretonian knight is/was one of GW's cooler looking models.  
The skeleton is actually one of their OOP plastic skeletons that I converted special for the duel.  Base was absolutely horrible.....

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Viking Archers in WIP

Really enjoyed building these Conquest Games Archers.  I built them in the thoughts of using them for my Vikings and medieval.  I also did a few very easy conversions to do that.
Below you can see two of them that I did with a Gripping Beast Head swap.  Not hard to do, but you do need to add a neck as the Conquest Games minis the neck is part of the head, whereas the Gripping Beast plastics heads do not have a neck.
Below you can see I used some knives and viking shields.
Below, I also strapped some axes to them and left over swords from the Gripping Beasts kits.

You can also see that I have added a green stuff collar to cover my neck piece, which was just a hole punched piece of plastic.
The one below is using the axe.  I added some hair and a stand of arrows from an old Bretonian kit.

 The pointing one you can see the neck piece.
These are a fun kit and should mix well with the archers that I have already, so now I'll have a second unit.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Some love to Gripping Beast Vikings...

Well Foundry is not the only Vikings on my desk to get finished.  I gave some love to a couple of plastic Gripping Beast Vikings.

 I do like the Gripping Beast plastic Vikings.  This one has a Battle Flag shield transfer, pretty neat transfer, just as nice in my opinion as the Little Big Men.  Its a waterslide type transfer, unlike the LBMS ones.
 I converted both of the heads on these miniatures, giving the helmets masks.  I think that turned out very well.
 The green and yellow combination worked imo.  I was happy how that turned out.
The Battle Flag transfers have a bit of a blood stain on some of them.  I think in the future, I'm going to try and work some blood splatter in on the miniatures.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Shield Wall.....Spears!!!

Another of the Foundry Vikings.  This one I converted.  The weapon arm had just an ugly weapon on it.  So I used a left over Gripping Beast plastic spear and shield.
 Otherwise a very cool looking miniature.  It has a bunch of character to it.  The sword, the hand axe, the knife and pouch.  All fun detail to paint.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Conquest Games Medieval Archers Review

Finally picked up a box of the Conquest Games Medieval Archers.  I've been waiting for this box set, so beware I'm sporting archers now for my armies.  They are 28mm scale plastic models like their other kits.  This is definitely their best effort thus far with the models, don't let their horrible box art fool you.  I do think they like hurt their sales greatly by using such terrible box art.  They would in my opinion be much better of not using any art and just have really well painted miniatures pictured on the box.

Lots of nice stuff here, lets go over the contents of the box.

You get 28 miniatures, which includes the command sprue shown below which is the same sprue form their infantry box.  It has two of their Norman infantry men and the cool casualty mini you see on the right.
You get 2 accessory sprues that have one body as pictured below.  Note that they have put longbows and short bows both on the sprues.
Below is one of the main frames.  As you can see the accessory sprue shows up once more in the lower half of the sprue.  In the kit there are 6 different bodies, 16 different heads for a total of a whopping 60 heads overall.  There are 36 longbows arms, 30 short self bows, 48 right arms (I really love the open hands), 6 left arms with pointing hand.
 Below is close up of the one corner.  Good detail on these, like I said this is their best kit yet.
One of the few things I did not like were the quivers, but I think I have been able to fix that a bit.  The sprue below shows the bodies and heads.  Lots of good heads, covering different looks.  I think you have some very good selections here.  I'm mainly looking for mine to play with my Saxons and Vikings and Dark Ages.
So how do they compare to other manufacturers, well you can see I pulled out a bunch of models.
 From Left to Right:  Above one of my Conquest Games plastic infantry, Conquest Games Archer, Gripping Beast Plastic Viking, Conquest Archer, Foundry Viking.  Below:  Gripping Beast Plastic Saxon, Conquest Archer, Gripping Beast Metal, and Perry Crusader.  One of the things you will note on the Conquest Archers like their infantry men are the very thick stands.  I'm basing on 20mm squares and they barely fit.
 Below:  GBP Viking - Conquest Games Archer
Below:  Perry Crusader - Conquest Games Archer
 Below:  Conquest Games Infantry - Conquest Games Archer
 Below:  Foundry Viking - Conquest Games Archer
 Below:  GBP Metal Viking - Conquest Games Archer
 Below:  GBP Viking - Conquest Games Archer
 Below:  GBP Saxon - Conquest Games Archer
 Below:  Various poses of the Conquest Games Archers
Overall and A for the kit, and F for the box art.  These are going to jump to the front of my paint que.