Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Another Reaper Miniatures Paladin

 This is another Paladin that I painted up.  Its a pretty awesome miniature from Reaper.
 It paints up pretty easily.
I love the flow of the hair especially.
 You can see how that hair is layered.
 The blue tabard is something I needed to help with the color contrast.
That's it for now....more to follow.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

I think I'm Back....Maybe...New Chaos Mutant Marauder

 What the heck PPC your BACK!!!????!!!?????  Well maybe.  Like with anything in life, you sometimes hit a cross-roads.  For me that occurred, 5-years ago with having been diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma and having 11.5 hours of brain surgery to remove the tumor that turned out to be benign. 
 Its to me that everything since then has changed.  I'm still getting better from it, but not without difficulty.  And the games industry that I was involved in from a hobby standpoint changed.  This has been complicated, by my single-sided deafness from the tumor, left eye issues, turning 50, buying a house, Photobucket's changes, the sort of collapse of the blogging and forums community, the closing of our local game shop, the disappearance of friendships, discovery of new hobbies, rediscovery of old hobbies, coming to cross-roads in my profession.
 So where does this take me....I'm not entirely sure.  I'll likely utilize my Facebook page more (Madhouse Workshop), I'm thinking about doing some YouTube, similar to my kart racing channel that is still going strong at Racing Psychosis.  Where does that leave the blog...again, I don't know.
 So what is this figure?  Well years ago, Mike Butcher and I were doing some things with James at Lost in the Warp.  We did a figure swap at the time.  James built this miniature to go with my now defunct Mutant Marauders in exchange for some beastmen that I built him.  I was to paint this up. 
 Its a strange miniature, definitely mutated.

As always more to follow????

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Return of WIP on the Desk....been a bit quiet but hard at work

Yea....I'm still here and still painting and drawing away.  Recently, I've been on a Roman kick, painting away, but I also did a bunch of Saxons, Vikings, and fantasy models.  This is what is on the desk currently in different stages of completion.

I needed a few more back rankers in the Vikings, so with this batch of Romans are some red tunic Vikings.
 A bit of a closeup of this Roman officer.
 On my desk, I'm often way behind in spraying clear coat and finishing up bases, which are part of the process that definitely do not thrill me.  So here in the back you these sealed clear boxes are completely painted models waiting for that to happen.
Lower right you can see I have some fantasy models.  The Romans being painted are part of the complete overhaul/rebuild of my Roman army.  I probably have another 80+ models to paint as part of the Warlord Games Romans, then I'm completely finished with those Romans and will be adding some Victrix Romans in.
So as always more to follow......just busy, busy, busy.

Monday, March 4, 2019

A bit of inking....My inks over pencils by Bart Sears

Some classic X-O Man-o-War....love that character, a lot of fun doing this.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Viking Giant....?????

I know PPC you have lost your damned mind. Last post a Bretonnian and now a 54mm Viking.
 Yea I know.  I saw this miniature on Ebay and had to have him.  Not a bad pose, pretty decent metal casting, came from Russia.  This is the first time that I believe I've painted a 54mm miniature as well.
 It does present some issues with blending and highlighting.  Things you can get away with at 28mm look not really very good on 54mm.
 I had to blend more and highlight more.  The basing is the same as my 28mm models.  I do plan to use this miniature as a giant with my 28mm Vikings in Dragon Rampant.

 I think the cape turned out really well.  I may do some more of these big Vikings.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Bretonian WTF!!???!!

 Yea you are probably like PPC, that's not a Viking or a Roman or Chaos...what the heck are you doing.  Well I once had a dream....well I have lots of dreams and nighmares...so let's not go there.
 At one time, I wanted to build a Bretonian army.  I accumulated a bunch of pieces for the models, then the newer models came, then the demise of Warhammer came about....then I decided to dump all that I accumulated on Ebay.  Or at least I thought I had dumped everything.
 I found this guy in the bitz box, so I threw him together and painted him up.
 I might keep him around for the occasional RPG/Frostgrave game.
 I think he turned out alright.
As always....well, no.  There will not ever be anymore Bretonnians from me.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

A few more Crusaders

My crusades stuff has not gotten much love lately, but I do have new models for it as well.
 They are Conquest Miniatures.  I did have a bit of a hard time remembering some of my Holy Land blue paint scheme, but I think I found it.