Saturday, April 11, 2020

Marauder Champion - Avatars of WAR!

 When I first saw this miniature I was like, I have to have that.  But the casting is quite rough and makes for a tough miniature to paint.
 It's a fun looking and mean miniature.
 Not overly happy with it, but its another miniature in the collection.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Saxons on Horseback - Saga!

 These are some kit bashes that I put together.  I believe the horses are from Perry Miniatures, the rider bodies are Conquest Games Normans, and the heads are Gripping Beast Saxons and a GW Bretonian.
 Really cool miniatures to paint.
 It's been awhile since I have painted horses, they are always a challenge for me.
 I think I got the eyes right.  The one below is the rider with the GW head.

 I really like the pose of this guy.

So there you go some Saxons.....more to follow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sverreulf the Red-Handed Version 2!!! Painted!!!

Not sure why I bought two of these miniatures.  I think it may have been a mis-package thing with Red Box Games.  But anyways, much the same with this miniature in a slightly different set of colors.

 I think this mini is like his version of a half-orc or something, hence the pointy ear and fangs.

Hopefully more to follow.....

Saturday, March 28, 2020

BERTOK the Barbarian!!!! Converted and Painted

 This is a Reaper Miniatures model.  He is a big boy.  I converted the model slightly with some bits.
 It was going to be part of the Mutant Marauders, but that project is long dead.
 I do like the looks of him and the musculature is awesome to paint.
The shield is one of those GW bits....

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sverreulf the Red-Handed!!! Painted!!

 This is another Red Box Games miniature from Tre Manor.  Nice sculpt, but a little small, something between 25 and 32 mm.
 Simply love the musculature on the miniature.  Really had fun with that, its like superhero like.
Much more to follow...

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Painted Barbarian Axemen!!

 Here are a couple more of the Reaper Miniatures barbarians that I have painted up.  Both are axe men.  This one I actually converted the axe as I did not like the original weapon.
 Definitely a fun miniature to paint, lots of cool packs and armor.  Its a Tre Manor sculpt.  I do like his work.

 This next one is a bit bigger in stature than the other.  He does have a wicked axe.  The face is a bit wonky.
 He is similar in look.  On the furs I went with just some simple grays at first, then was like I need to have a wash of browns to break that up.
 The leathers on both, I am just using the simple Reaper Master Series Oiled Leather Triad.
More to follow....

Sunday, March 15, 2020

More of the Mutant Marauders

 This would have been a cool army, but that's not happening.  So I have all of these cool figures that I'm just randomly picking out a few here and there to paint up for fun.
I thought these 3 went well together and would be fun to mess around with.  And they were fun.
I painted them while painting a huge lot of Romans.  The paint schemes, kind of resemble them Romans a little bit, but that is about it for the paint scheme.  More on the Romans later.

 So yea these are going up for sell on Ebay.  Someone will end up with some really neat miniatures.
Much more to follow.