Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Goofing around with Romans and Youtube

I do a bit of video work and post a lot of my karting videos on Youtube quite often.  I recently purchased some new video editing software and have been playing around with to see what its capable of doing, which is much more capable than previous software.  So one of those playing around moments created this thing on my Roman unit that Warlord Games was kind enough to showcase on their web page and allow me to write about it and the condition that turned my real world upside down begining in December of 2014 to the present.

Here is the video on Youtube:
Madhouse Workshop Video Link

Here is the link to Warlord Games Showcase:
Warlord's Showcase Link

Yep very basic, I'm honestly not sure that I will do much with Youtube related to the hobby and the blog, I'm certainly not Dr. Faust, or the prowrestling commentator that Next Level Painting is, or the WiscoHornDog saga strategist, but you never know.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

For Rome! This time Victrix

No racing this weekend, not feeling right, all due to my head and probably the weather having something to do with it, being that its been very warm and humid.  So I felt like sitting in air conditioning and spending some hobby time.  I finished up some more Vikings on the work desk with conversions and sculpting and such.  Pics of them will follow.  So I decided to give the Vikings a rest and assemble two units of the new Victrix EIR Romans.  These models are spectacular.

They are a little bit limited on bodies, but when you combine the two kits, you get some good dynamics with the poses.  I'll be putting together a full review on them and comparison to the Warlord Games EIR's which I have done 100s of.  With these I'll have 50 more to add to my collection of Romans.  I'm really looking forward to their Auxiliaries which Warlord's were absolutely hooorrrribble, and the previews of their Gauls are cool as well.

So more to follow...... 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The newest Viking Unit!

 I really love these big unit shots.  They are always fun with a movement tray that helps with conveying the story.
If you have been following along, you have seen all of these guys as individuals.  Now you see them assembled.
 Obviously there are a variety of manufacturers in this:  Gripping Beast, Foundry, War Factory Games, Warlord Games and Saxon Miniatures.

There you are.  Hope you enjoyed the journey.....onto more miniatures.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

War Factory Games Vikings....

 I'm not sure what has happened to War Factory games, they may have been acquired.  These are conversions of their Viking kit using a variety of parts.
 I needed a few more dane axe guys, so these fit the bill.
Striped pants are always fun, and I'm happy with this shield.
So next up is the big unit shot.  Yep enough models for another unit.

Friday, June 16, 2017

First of the Saxon Miniatures models

 This is one of the metal Viking warlords from Saxon Miniatures.  I really like these miniatures and have a couple of batches of them, both of the Viking and Saxon variety.
 This is a fun pose from the front.  I tried a little bit of freehand on the shield.
I have a couple more of this figure and will end up converting them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Next batch of GB Vikings....

The one above is sporting a Games Workshop Empire fanatic head.
Another dane axe guy.

 This one below is pretty much standard except for the added hair.

Another below with a GW head.

 This one has a cape from the Templar Fireforge kit that I added fur to.

Monday, June 12, 2017

More converted Warlord Vikings

This batch is utilizing the converted Warlord Games barbarians converted using Gripping Beast Plastic parts.
These always make very dynamic miniatures.  They have very good movement.  I actually think they make better Vikings than they do Celts.
Arrow left over from a Perry Bros kit.

 Really like how this guy turned out.

 This is another that makes an easy but good looking conversion.