Sunday, July 17, 2016

WIP on the Desk: Casaulties

The archers, well most of them, have cleared the desk and are in the container for getting shot with clear.  So I'm clearing a few more off of the desk.  Most of these are casualties and markers. 
 I think these all turned out pretty cool.  The bigger pieces are from the Lord of the Rings Mumak base.  I was converting the Mumak as a war mamoth for my chaos army and had no need for the base.  The casualties are however pretty neat.  So I cut up the base with my dremel.
You can see, I started some of the blood effects.  The splatter on the mumak base pieces was done with a old tooth brush.  The rest is done prior to shooting with a matte varnish clear coat.  After I do that I will use a high gloss Tamiya ink over the blood.

 Here you see the next batch of figures on the desk.  Mostly skirmishers and few miscellaneous miniatures.
 I made pretty good head way on them today, getting pretty much all of the clothing done today.  Next up will be the fleshtones and wood.

 Just about done with the figure below.   Soon the Saxons will be moving to my desk.
As always more to come.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Old Stuff Wednesday: 40k Cerulean Templars: Terminator Squad

 Yep, a bunch of OOP Terminators from Cerulean Templars army.  Circa 2002.
 Don't have these models any more.

Monday, July 4, 2016

WIP on the Desk: Archers Part 2

Along with a few other warriors and some priests.  I'm making good progress on these this holiday weekend.  Still have all of the washes and metal work to do yet, but getting close.
 The Conquest Games archers are interesting to paint.  I like the miniatures but the repetition on the cloth gets a little tiring to do a lot of them.  They did a nice job on the areas around the waist, but the shoulder areas could use a bit more folds and relief.  Otherwise I like them.  The faces are pretty cool.
I put a few Foundry and Gripping Beast Vikings in the mix along with the Priests/Monks, just to break up some of the monotony.  Dig the striped pants.  The Perry Priest are really quite cool minis.
 Above and below are few closer shots of the Archers.  They will definitely be a nice addition to my forces.
Hopefully next time you see these they will be done.  Next on the desk will be some Gripping Beast Plastic Dark Ages slingers to further expand my forces.  After that likely the Saxons that I have built. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

WIP On the Desk....Archers and Bring Me Your Dead

 I'm back painting for a bit, working on getting some dark ages archers painted for my Vikings and other such things.  These are the Conquest Games Archers, along with some random Vikings.  They are painting up fairly well.

Below is variety of dead pieces and markers that I'm working on for my terrain and such.  Been racing quite a bit here lately so very little time spent on the hobby.  But as always I have a ton of stuff that I'm getting ready to do.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saxon Miniature's Saxon Warlords Review

 I love the viking warlords that Saxon Miniatures has.  Having started painting my Saxon army, I decided to pickup their Warlords to add a bit more character to the army.
 This is a pretty cool selection of miniatures.  Not all of them are pictured as I pulled out three of them to add to my crusaders army as they look more Norman like with kite shields.
I really like the poses on these, some are dynamic, some are majestic.  Details are sharp and crisp.  There is not a lot of flash on the miniatures.  The only things that are kind of rough are the ones with the capes.  The capes requires sanding, filing, and scraping to smooth out the casting.  Other than that I think they will paint quite well.  As you can see, I don't really like metal spears, so I switched those out using some left overs from the Gripping Beast plastics.
The one above and to the left is King Alfred.  Pretty neat miniature.

So how do the models look when compared to other manufacturers:

Below left to right:  Saxon Mini, Perry crusader, Saxon Mini, Conquest Games Norman, Foundry Viking, Perry Mini.
 Below:  Foundry Viking, Saxon Mini, and Gripping Beast Metal
Below, left to right: Perry crusader, Saxon Mini, Conquest Games Norman, Foundry Viking, Saxon Mini
 Below, left to right:  Gripping Beast plastic Viking, Saxon Mini, Perry crusader, Saxon Mini, Conquest Games Norman.
 Below:  Gripping Beast Viking, Saxon Mini

Friday, June 10, 2016

WIP On the Desk.... Viking Warlord

 I saw this Warlord Games Celt chieftan a few years ago.  I always thought it would make a good viking model.  I recently picked it up on a sale.  A couple little conversions and here we are.
 Look forward to painting this model.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Old Stuff Wednesday: OOP Eldar

Now this is truly old, circa 2000.  From my very first army in 40k, some OOP Eldar.  I think these were called Dark Reapers.  Yea, did not really like that army, but everyone started somewhere.