Thursday, October 18, 2012

Painting Seminar on 10/27/12

On Saturday, October 27, 2012, I and local hobbyist, will be holding a Painting Seminar. Time: 1:00pm to Whenever. Place: River City Hobbies, downtown La Crosse, WI - Most Likely in the Game Room upstairs.

Do you want to paint more than the three color minimum??? Do have questions on how to highlight, how to shade, how to glaze? paint bone colors or fleshtones? What brush works for what??Wonder why all of your GW paints always dryout??? Where to get your supplies?? Tips and tricks of the trade???? and the inevitable How did you do that???
And no question is a stupid question, only the one that is not asked.

Well here is an opportunity to learn from some grizzled veterans, one bald and one balding and grumpy. Newbies are welcomed and encouraged to attend just as much as veterans. I won't keep any secrets on how I do what I do. Learn from our stupid mistakes. We will bring lots of examples, everything from Fantasy to 40k to Malifaux to Steampunk to Historicals.

And the best part is, it is FREE! That's right FREE!!! (Although donations, food, and go-karting sponsorships are welcome)



  1. Good luck with your painting seminar! Am a bit far to join ( am in Turkey ) but am close enough to join one in Germany that same weekend! Am hoping to get to know more of the secrets from the vets of painting! Looking forward to seeing the outcomes from your workshop.

  2. Yea, Turkey is a bit far away. I'm expecting mostly locals, but if we get some people in the midwest that are passing through that is a bonus. I do expect a number of newbies, which is fine, always looking to help out the hobby.

  3. Sweet, see if we can get some WAB recruits :)...

  4. Really tempted to make a trip out of this. Is there a certain number of spots to attend this?

  5. No not really. I would expect that there will probably be a relatively small group and people will probably come and go while we are doing this. In the past I have had anywhere from 6 people to 20 people.