Saturday, October 20, 2012

WIP On the Desk: Clear of Chaos...Onto Pillaging

A pillaging we go...that's right...13 Chosen have moved off of the desk, one chaos Avatars of War model remains and ungor marauder.  So its onto the Vikings.  This is elements of two units, I made good progress on them so far.  I'll probably get another hour in or so tonight on them.  The Chaos will be getting shot with some clear tomorrow and then some static grass.

They are kind of a collage of color at the moment.  Lots of washes and glazes to go.  All of the fleshtones, wood, and hair to do yet.  A lot of leather straps.  But I'm getting there.
One of the Vikes that is close to being finished.
Shot of another at the moment.  I picked up a bottle of Secret Weapon's Soft Body Black Wash.  I used that on the Chaos Chosen armor and found it to work really nicely for my style of painting, much better than Tamiya Smoke.  I'll be using that to tone down the metallic armor and bring out a certain amount of definition.
Another random selection.  This is one of the models that will be in the front rank of Unit C.

And later this coming week....kick off of the Crossover with James Craig's Lost In the Warp and Mike Butcher's Butcher's Bill blogs as we do the blog crossover project....we will be showing the build pictures....tune in, keep your eyes open....and we will have some fun.