Saturday, September 25, 2010

Orc boyz....Fight Scene #2

Here's the next fight scene. Have at it boyz.

I wanted this one to be a bit more dynamic than the previous.

And since I'm not painting or basing these, I decided early on that I would need to make some adjustments to heights and such on the basing. The white stuff you are seeing is not poster putty, but actually rock hard Aves apoxie sculp.

As always, much more to follow....but first I need to repair some damages received recently by all of this rain that we have been receiving. My work area has been compromised by stormwater, so now most all of my stuff is spread all over the place in other rooms. We'll get back to normal when the Contractor re-does the flooring, hopefully this coming week.


  1. Look away for a minute and suddenly everyone has been super productive! Anyway the third spawn is by far the best. He is great. The conversion is brilliant.

    The Orc boys look excellent too. I can't wait to see some painted up.

  2. These are great! My favorite part of doing an orc/ork army is the fun conversions (painting them all up is another matter).

  3. Love the action in this one, definitely a great piece of work. Sometimes just the work to build it gives that 'story' the army needs to make it unique. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you guys. The third spawn, was actually the first spawn years ago. It also has made in appearance in a U.S. Whitedwarf quite some time ago. As I post some stuff, I think back a bit to some of my older stuff, so I'll revisit that in some posts occassionally.

    As to the orcs, the best part about this commission is that I don't have to paint them. But as I build them I'm thinking about the painting and make certain things removable so that they paint up a bit easier. Its also priming for building my planned orc army, sort of a precursor for what is to come eventually, after the Warriors of Chaos are expanded out to 2000 plus points.