Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from Rome

Having taken care of the family things this past weekend, I have a day to myself to work on things.  So merry Christmas to me, I get to paint and build toy soldiers today.  This is where I'm at this morning after adding the static grass and and grass tufts to the bases and movement tray.
As you can tell, I still have not decided what to do on the shields, but I'm very happy with how things turned out overall.
I'm glad I added the guy with the cavalry mask.  The pilum throwers in the second rank were also a good addition to the unit.
I did not realize how psychotic the one below in the cape looked until after I painted his face.
The eyecandy on the movement tray is in my opinion awesome.  Just what I wanted.  I'll get all of the other trays put together today and based.

Note the weird prune faced guy in the second rank below.  I like how the Praetorian turned out.  I have plenty of command models, so I will add the musician and standard later.
There is your morning update. 


  1. Great looking unit so far, Im sure it will look even grander with some nice shields of yours.

    1. Yea, this was a veteran box, the one with all of the holes in the shields. Not exactly what I want to do with the shields. I may use them.

  2. Beautiful work - I like the guy with the face mask too. Dean

  3. as always a great inspiration of work - wonderful! Merry Christmas mate :)