Monday, December 31, 2012

Year Ending...Final post of 2012, Year in Review

And so 2012 is soon coming to an end. This will be my last post of this year. The year seems to have flown by.

Much like I did last year, I have decided to do a sort of summary and a comparison of sorts.

As I stated last year, I’m a numbers kind of guy, its my business to crunch numbers, not money but numbers in designing things. So once again numbers always fascinate me. I continued the Hobby Activity Log you can see on the right. The final tally:
                                        2012 2011
Models Built/Converted: 258   225
Models Painted:                46     74
Models Purchased:           181   191
Tournaments Played:         5        4
Go-Kart Races Entered:     72     11

As you can see, even though I did virtually no commission work over the year, I still built and converted more models; about the same number painted; purchased roughly the same number of models, only that the majority this year were not Games Workshop models, but were Gripping Beast. I played one more tournament this year than last year, still fewer than in past years. AND as you can see I really stepped up the go-karting.

Now as I said before, this was not intended to stroke my ego, but was more intended as a motivator and budget type of thing for myself. I have learned a lot by intentionally doing this. I started the blog back in April of 2009 and prior to that spent tons of time posting on forums. Quite honestly it has capped some of my spending, as I saw the gap between what was bought, converted/modeled/ and what was painted once again. I did play more tournaments this year, but far fewer games. And it feels like I converted less minis, but built a ton of models mainly because of my work on Historical armies and the large size of them. My painting is certainly lagging behind again.

Last year I raced in 11 Feature races, which woud be 33 races in total in the modern LTO go-kart. In 2011, my highest finish was second in a heat race and fourth in a Feature race, and I finished 6th in the points championship. This season I raced and attended a great number of karting events, 72 in all. I won 4 Feature races and tons of heat races on the local oval along with the Series points championship. That was quite the leap and a hell of a lot of fun in the modern kart that my oldman and I built. I also jumped into a vintage kart for some roading racing and won the Feature races at Dousman and Quincy, which was extremely cool. The equipment we built for the modern karts definitely worked well. So I did accomplish my goal of racing more.

Five tournaments played, 2 of which were at Adepticon last spring in Warhammer Ancient Battles. I played the singles with my Romans again and played terrible, but had fun. Then teamed Mike Butcher, my Crusaders with his Saxons once again, and we played well and the Team that we named Grumpy Old Coots came away with the Overall Win.

As for the blog, today we are at 254 followers compared to last year at this time the blog had 181 followers, that has increased gradually as I suspected it would. My blog list is growing, and my forum activity has decreased drastically and probably will continue to decrease.

I retired one post from last year as I thought it was a bit dated since it was a review of Conquest Games Mounted Normans, it did have over 2,105 Views.

This I find interesting, here is the top ten in posts as they stood all time on my blog along with the number of hits from 2011:

My first Skaven War Litter conversion: 1,586 Views

My first Nurgle infested Chaos Space Marine: 1,478 Views

Converting Chaos Warrior to Chaos Space Marine post: 848 Views

Boba Fett Chaos Space Marine conversion: 737 Views

Pics of My WAB Imperial Roman Army: 657 Views

My Chaos Warrior Unit and its conversions: 640 Views

My Preheresy Iron Warrior - Old Stuff Wednesday: 512 Views

One of my Exalted Champions: 469 Views

My First Orc Fight Scene for a unit: 447 Views

So, that was 2011, now we move to 2012 and the top ten viewed posts, with the views currently:

FireForge Games - Teutonic Knights Review: 5,224

Nurgle infested Chaos Space Marine: 4,063
Chaos Warriors to Chaos Space Marine: 3,518
Gripping Beast Plastic Viking Hirdmem Review: 3,332

Something Different....Skaven War Litter: 3,058
My Chaos Warrior Unit Beginning to take shape: 2,548
Boba Fett Space Marine Conversion: 2,495
Old Stuff Wednesday - July - Pre-Heresy Iron Warrior: 2,210
Space Wolf Scout Conversions: 2,105

Khorne Chaos Space Marine Conversion: 1,590

It appears people really liked looking at my review take on Gripping Beast Vikings and the Fireforge Teutonic Knights. As was last year with the Conquest Games Mounted Normans review, I’ve been quite surprised by that. The other thing that is always shown is the popularity of Warhammer 40k, it is really quite unquestionably the most popular of the gaming systems that I work in. My Old Stuff Wednesdays are certainly popular as ever also, as they are routinely high in hits on a monthly basis, even though only one is in the Top 10.

So there you have it once again, my blog. We say good bye to 2012.  As always, I am very much open to suggestions that you the readers may have, I don’t always ignore them.

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