Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boba Fett Space Marine Conversion....

He's back. I did a little preview head shot of the figure quite a few posts back and then the figure got set aside for quite awhile on my desk full of unfinished models and conversions.

So now I finally got around to finishing him off. Being a big Fett fan, this was a lot of fun to model. Lots of bits from a variety of things were used to create it.

I have no plans to actually paint this model, and have actually put it up on eBay for sale. Links to my stuff that I'm selling can be found by going to the Madhouse Forum link and ebay / for sale section of my forum. Alot of the 40k marines I do end up for sale or on ebay, as I don't play 40k and spend most of my paint time on fantasy and historical figures.

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