Sunday, June 13, 2010

On a Converting Kick...Messing with Chaos

Last couple of days I've been on a converting kick in 40k, been getting some things out of my system and using up a number of bits laying on my desk. I enjoy making various chaos spacemarines, they are always fun to build. Wordbearers are probably my favorites:

Received a little sampler pack of gun bursts at Adepticon, by one of the sponsers. If I was doing a 40k army I would be using them all over the place on my mini's, really cool effect. The GS and BS pieces lay out on a plastic piece of film that the GS comes with. Wet the film, flatten out the putty, cut to shape, add the tears and then peel and apply to the mini. I actually add the wrinkles and folds and such on the miniature.

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