Monday, May 31, 2010

Miscellaneous...40k Space Marines, Painting Workshop, Go-Karts, etc.

Space Marines
Got a bit of modeling, playing with a theme sort of spinning off of the crested Corinthian style helmet, or Sons Sparta marines that someone did years ago. I think they turned out pretty good.

River City Hobbies, La Crosse, WI
This coming Saturday RCH is having a painting contest, I'll be one of the judges with a couple other veterans. There will be prizes for the winner in a number of cateogories. I will also be giving a tutorial on painting and may even be coaxed into delivery a seminar on sculpting/converting.

My retired dad has many crazy ideas and love for motorsports. When you have 40 acres of land in the country its easy to make a 1/10 mile dirt track and get some go-karts and a few of us crazy family members together for racing over a holiday weekend. Its getting seriours and is a hell of a lot of fun. These ain't those incredibly slow rental karts either.

WHFB 8th Edition
I really liked the fantasy game when I started playing, still do. What I've been reading of the rumors, I'm very apprehensive about 8th edition. Not sure I'm going to like it, we'll see how much comes true, but my initial thoughts are not good. It may work out for my coming orc army though.

Indy 500
I didn't watch all of the race, what I saw was much better than the 600 in Charlotte. The last lap crash, where the car went cartwheeling up into the catch fence was just crazy scaring, and appears one of the drivers will be in a bodycast for 3 months. Good thing about Charlotte was Jimmie Johnson crashed not once, but twice. Not a fan of his.

Rampage vs. Evans
Did not get to see it, but not surprised about the outcome. One of the crazy things I heard about this was that movie company for the A-Team threatened to sue Rampage if he lost the bout. Just dumb.

Go Blackhawks
Be nice to see another Wisconsin Badger hoist the cup in Adam Burrish.

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