Monday, May 10, 2010

A bit of Nostalgia...The Cerulean Templars

I was in the local store this past weekend, converting some things, and someone asked me what it was that got me started converting pieces and what was the first things that I converted. I’ve always like things that were different, was my answer and my Cerulean Templars were the first conversion work. Then on some forums I ran into some names of people from that period that spoke fondly of that Blue bunch of Templars. A little bit of nostalgia set in.

My first army was 40k Eldar, something I initially liked, but eventually grew to hate, with the exception of the Falcon and Vyper models. I remembered seeing someplace conversion work by Mike Butcher and Joe Orteza online or in Whitedwarf, and then I saw some other stuff, and it was pretty much always marines, and I realized just how versatile the models were. It appealed to me. Being a history buff, the Black Templars really struck a cord with me. So the path was set.

I started this army for 40k around 2001 or 2002. It started out as a whole slew of conversions, some good, some bad. Then I got the itch to play a game with them, so I had to come up with a paint scheme. If you look really close as some of the models you can actually see the natural progression of my painting skills. I took about a year and half to complete them with all of the vehicles. Influences ranged from Spartan/Corinthian to Medieval Knights, lots of interesting pieces were used and created, I bounced all over the place, about the only thing that brought all of this stuff together was the paint scheme. I painted just one Templar in black and white and realized I couldn’t do it, I needed color, and my favorite color was blue, which lead to Cerulean which I think had a nice ring to it. The way I looked a GW’s Black Templars was there name was “Insert Color Here” Templars.

So there you have it, the trigger mechanism for my current psychosis. And there are more of these guys, but these were some of the first ones, I'll show more of them in the next post, the ones that were more medieval influenced. And if you can't wait that long, feel free to click the link to the Madhouse Workshop Forum. In the 40k Loyalist Spacemarine section you will find many more pictures of the Cerulean Templars.

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  1. Creating your own chapter is the best part of 40K I feel, and I doubt there is a single player out there who hasn't at some point thought long and hard about creating their own chapter, the history behind it all etc...

    These are great.