Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chaotic Sorcerery...not making the cut

Originally this guy was going to be my chaos sorcerer. Once and while you have this vision of what your conversions are going to be, and they turn out to be something entirely different. That's what happened with this guy. I initially liked the conversion, painted it and came to the conclusion that it just didn't work.

It came off very stale and boring in my opinion. So the model has been cut from the lineup.

Don't worry it has found a new home already. Like many of my conversions that I don't use, they normally end up for sale at some point. Although most I realize they are not working before I spend the effort painting. This one though I wanted to turnout, and it just didn't work. So that said, new sorcerers are coming soon. Nurgle....Tzeentch....Oh My. Just hope 8th edition doesn't completely blow chunks and trashes my plans for chaos.

So there you have it...

And oh by the way....Orc building is underway....big massive units....with much animosity.

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