Sunday, June 20, 2010

Something Different...Skaven War Litter

I normally don't stray outside of chaos, orcs, and spacemarines very often when doing commission work. My thoughts are build what you like so it doesn't become a job, but is something that is fun. Then someone that I've done work for in the past approached me with the idea of doing a war litter for his upcoming Skaven army.

I immediately thought Stormvermin, and thought this would be a fun and cool project.

It does fit on a 40mm base which works well with the Skaven.

Doing this project has given me some ideas on what to do with my orcs for fun.

Now I also have a bunch of blades and more Storm Vermin to use up as left overs. Maybe I'll build another and I have an idea for all of those Storm Vermin Halbred blades that ought to look really cool on some Chaos Spacemarines and Knights.



  1. I love it!

    I used an Orc Chariot for mine but, on reflection, it pretty restrictive in terms of posing on the Warlord. Your more open approach lets you do things like that awesome Warlord.

  2. I thought about using a chariot for the basis, but as you said its somewhat restrictive. Still I think it would work well.

    I actually sketched this idea for use with my goblins originally, I think it worked better with the skaven. I've decided to build another and think it will probalby turnout a bit better yet. I still plan to build a couple for my orc army, just because it has so much modeling potential.

  3. You've certainly got skills. I'm just sorry it took so long for me to discover your blog--you're going on my blogroll now so I don't lose you!

  4. Hey thanks man. The kind words are much appreciated.