Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Chaos Warrior Unit Beginning to Take Shape

This style of chaos warrior conversion has been done a lot and it’s a fairly easy and straight forward conversion to do. Simply use chaos knight lance bits and attach them to the your normal chaos warrior and wah-lah, you have a chaos warrior with a halberd. Locally, Jerrod and Jake here my town have done this with their chaos warriors and they make for very nice looking models.

So I’ve taken that idea and expanded on it a bit, changing some of the things up using some different posing and adding a number of detail bits and doing a bit of conversion to them, afterall mutations are my theme.   The guy next to the musician has a shield inspired by the Wulfrik character model.  The musician is from the GW Chosen line of miniatures, and I did give him a cape.

To carry through on that mutant theme, some of the models got beastmen legs and some got bloodletter legs, all left over bits from other conversions. Like the VC Bashin’ Orcs, I did not want to repeat a single head in the unit, so you see I did do some converting on the helmets also.

And yes you may notice that I am a model short to make a rank in the back, I will be adding a few more models and plan to build a unit filler model to help out with that.

A shot of the back rank.  I like how GW added the skulls hanging down the back of the capes, but as you see there is not a lot of variety there.  So I added some heads.  I saw Redmanphill, over at Subject to Stupidity, doing a bit of press-molding in a couple posts recently.  Press molding is has it places in converting and usually it is easier to do than carving up a piece of plastic.  That is the method I used here for the heads that are hanging down on the capes. 

The models above sport some more press mold heads.  I went back to the head technique that I used for my Khorne Knights also using the halberd blades from GW's Storm Vermin and clipping the horns.  I think this gives the helms a very menacing look.  Below is another look at one of those heads, along with a bit of a different look on holding the halberd.

And below is a look at my left flank, you don't want to mess with those guys.

And yes, I do have a complete unit of metal chosen models sitting in primer waiting for paint work, I do like those models as they are, but with them I gave each one a different head.


  1. Those are amazing figures; Imposing as a group too. Dean

  2. fantastic models - and the movement tray please please a how on that! :)

  3. Looks great man, really inspiring!

  4. Thanks guys.

    @ Black Bob: That is coming, I have the first couple photos of the initial steps done, just need to get around to doing the rest. But I have a few other things in line first coming up.

  5. All good -just really impressed with the outcome and want do something similar with my high elves.