Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tzeentch Lord on a Converted Disc WIP

Been awhile since I made any progress on this, but it is coming along. I have posted WIPs of the Disc previously here and on several forums and some of the comments have mostly been positive, but a couple got me to thinking. Still have a bit to go yet. Need to blend in the right foot. Touch up things around the horns.

Come up with an arm.

The shoulder socket has been magnetized. For Arm swaps.

Added a tail to make the model a bit more menancing.

One of the comments was that the disc looks too much like a 40k Tyranid (not a bad thing in my opinion) and another was what about a tail. Then as I was working on the knights I saw the musician’s horn.

So, that led to a slight change in modeling to where I came up with this. And you guessed it, some of the horns that I cut off the knights/chaos warriors heads make an appearance (don’t throw anything away).

I'm also working on some more marauders and I am just about ready to enter the painting phase. This is just one of the first of the additional marauders. I've had this head laying around caught off from a Reaper Miniature for a number of years. Thought it was time to put it to use.


  1. That looks awesome dude! I really like how evil/weird looking his disc is, very different to the usual 'flames' look. Great work!

  2. Very Awesome! I may have to brew up a 40k version of that!

  3. Thanks guys. I have also decided to continue the Nid theme and build a couple more spawn, because as a chaos player you can never have enough spawn.