Saturday, June 4, 2011

Converted Khorne Knights

Definitely like the Khorne Knights. I have done a bit of subtle conversion work on them to distinguish them. This is all until I get the Centaurs ready for the mutant horde

As can be seen in the unit pics, I've staggered their placements on the bases. In this case by elevating the one on a 50 mm base. This helps with the ranking up. The model on the left is just pinned to the base and is removable, so that I can paint him separately from the base.

What's Khorne without skulls and hook and other nasty implements.

Below is good shot of one of the converted heads using the Storm Vermin halberd blades. I do love the shield that this one carries. Also converted one of the lances to hold up the bloodletter banner.

The GS khorne symbols are real paint to make.

Below you can see one of the other converted heads.

At first I had not thought about doing the fur capes, but as I was assembling the Khorne Exalted metal model I had noted the fur cape and like the look of it. So, that was essentially an after thought.

Below a better shot of the cape and a shot of the back of the converted head. A very simple conversion, but one that I seriously like.

Next up the Crusades, my Perry Miniatures knights.


  1. Mean-looking figures; your conversion work is always impressive. Regards, Dean

  2. Your knights look great. I can't wait to see them painted.


  3. Thanks guys. These are definitely some mean figures. I'm happy with the look. Paint will be interesting. Getting the other ready and that will be soon getting started with.