Friday, July 1, 2011

My WAB Knight Unit...Painted

These are my WAB knights. Some of them are my converted Perry Miniatures knights mixed with the Perry’s Holy Order/Hospitaller Knights.

The ones without hoods and sleeve-less surcoats are my conversions. I think this unit of knights turned out pretty good. I was attempting to get them out of the First Crusade in the 1090s, into more of the late Second and Third Crusades.

I also played around a bit with color schemes, make some of them Knights of Jeruselem, some Ibelin color schemes, Franks, English, and Spaniard themes. Note some of the kite shields are actually GW High Elves shields from their foot infantry, that made conversion of the shields much easier.
 The basing is HO scale railroad ballast, some tiny stones, with Joefix grass tufts, static grass, and GW Staw.
I'm extremely happy with the way the horses turned out.  I really wish that the Perry's someday convert some of their horses to give them caparisons, because its a lot of work to do.
The above is very good picture of a couple of the horses.   
Another angle.  As you can see in the front knight I also updated one of the helms.  The musician horse is kind of a miscast, but it does have a very dynamic look to it.
I do want to be able to play these guys across alot of periods from the Iberian Pennisula all the way to the Holy Land.  So there you have it for now.  That is it for my WAB knights for awhile.  I will come back to them later this year.  Next up I return to painting the Chaos Warriors and few Roman Auxilliaries with them.

Well spent another night also at the race track tonight.  It started out with an air temperature of 101 F, not exactly the kind of night that you want to put on a jacket, gloves, and a helmet on.  The heat did effect me early.  I'm also battling some sinus issues that have caused a build up of fluid in one of ears, not really helping my equilibrium.  Did not drive well and did not drive clean, kept getting caught up in little things on the track and either getting spun out or just flat spinning out.  But that said, I definitely made huge gains in speed.  So much so that my Old Man had nothing for me.  The feature was kind of comical, as I and my old man got into each other.  Tomorrow we will tear apart his engine and see why he was down on power.  With how things went tonight I look forward to next week, hopefully it will be a bit cooler.  My go-kart's handling keeps getting better.


  1. Simply spectacular! Fantastic painting & basing. Regards, Dean

  2. Wow! I've been looking over all your Normans and Crusaders etc and I think they are fantastic. I've seen you've been doing a LOT of converting on the barded horses so I thought I might point out a manufacturer who makes barded horses, and they are very nice horses too. They're Essex Miniatures, I know they have a supplier in the US but not sure who it is. Thought you might find this useful, not that your horses aren't superb anyway though.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've looked over the Essex miniatures. My fear is that they won’t fit very well with the Perry stuff. I don’t really mind converting a few. I’m going to do the same thing with some of the Conquest Games plastic models also, as I will probably end up with a couple units of them.

  4. Beautiful paint job, modeling and bases!

  5. Very impressive they just look amazing great detail and crisp clean painting skill you've just got to love them

  6. Thank you guys, much appreciated. And I do love this little unit. I'm definitely planning to add more models in the future.

  7. Have you tried out Hail Caesar yet? Its VERY different than WAB. Its one of the most entertaining games that I have played in quite a while.

  8. Nope, I've read some of the HC rules, but it just does not appeal to me. I'm very much happy with WAB 2.0.

    I think their Black Powder rules will work for Napoleonics for me though.