Sunday, July 10, 2011

Upcoming Projects...

Nothing really to post today picture wise, but I thought I would update on a few things.  One, I'm not currently accepting any new commissions.  I'm in the process of looking for a new place to live and have begun packing things.  I will however be continuing the work on the VC Bashin' Orks.  I have a dedicated tub for this commission.
The Go-Karting is sucking away some of my war games hobby time, but that is okay, its refreshing to me to be competing again on some level.  Over the fourth I along with my father participated in a local go-karting charity race.  We did not race, even though a contestant begged me to drive her kart, but we demonstrated what can really be done with actually racing karts.  I think the charity racers were rather shocked when they realized they were not going all that fast.  Last Friday night I finished second in my engine class in the end of the night feature race, but that was 7th overall.  We had 14 entries in our Adult Sportsman Class and did a semi-feature.  I was unable to qualify directly into the feature, and had to race my way in through the semi-feature which was not very hard to do, with exception of one of the competitors many attempts to wreck me lap after lap.  Paid him back in the feature.  Most of the faster engines finished well ahead of me, just don't have the straight-away speed to keep up at the moment and I finished about 20 feet behind the fastest Honda Clone engined kart in the field.

Current projects:
Finish my Chaos Warriors:  I'm working on it, just not making much progress.
Paint a few more Roman Auxilliary Archers.  I thought I was done with Romans, but decided I need some more.
Starting to assemble the first elements of my orc fantasy army.  This should be my best army yet.  Its going to be over the top crazy and brutal.  Matter of fact, "Brutality" is my theme for the army.

I'm also returning to 40k.  8th edition Fantasy has not been something that I have enjoyed to play.  And I miss 40k modeling, and I have a huge Space Marine bitz box.  So loyalist Space Marine DIY chapter here I come.  I'm planning to reinvent my "Insert Color Here" Templar army, this time with probably a red and white paint scheme.  I started some conversions this weekend on the Devastator squad.

This fall I plan to begin making my Dark Ages army for Warhammer Ancients and Clash of Empires.  I'll be doing Danes, using the Gripping Beast plastic viking shield wall.  Looking forward to this.  I really do not know that much about Viking history, looking forward to doing a little bit of research on it as I have really enjoyed reading Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series of novels.

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