Saturday, July 23, 2011

A new Nurgle infested Chaos Space Marine...WIP

As with the Word Bearer, I'm getting better at doing Nurgle.  The Beasts of Nurgle demons that I did on commission a while back using the Forgeworld Nurgle Ogryn, really opened my eyes as I mimic'd the FW sculpting style to blend in the parts.

This is a work in progress (WIP).  I still need to finish up the head, adding the gas mask look.
So this is another of the Nurgle infested ones.  Used a possessed bit for the conversion.  The tabbard I think adds quite a bit to the model conversion.
The picture below shows the little puss blisters on the shoulder, that was done with the Mechanical pencil.
And if you want what looks like an popped blister,  as shown on the leg below, use your tooth pick tool to prick it.  You really need to have nasty thoughts when doing nurgle.
Normally when I do Nurgle I like to do some tentacle like things coming out of the back pack, but this time I elected not do so.

Another Friday night has past, but no Kart Racing report as I was unable to get to the track in time to race last night.  So I just helped out with some of the other racers and my dad's kart.  And the old man may have sold one of our home-made frames last night.  What some of the karting companies sell their karts for is pretty outrageous when you sit down and think about it.  And those karts are not any better than what we made in a garage.  The old man finished second in our engine class last night in the Feature.  But the Animal engines continue to dominate the racing.  The mixed engine classes are not working, but I think the goal of the track is too get rid of the Clone and Briggs engines and get us all into Animals.  Its kind of like watching a Grand Am or American Le Mans race with the different classes all running at the same time.  Well there is always next week.


  1. Your green stuff is awesome! How did you do the tabards?

  2. Ditto- fantastic execution there

  3. Much of that tabard work, I typically do by flattening a piece of GS out on a piece of plastic foil covered with water (or the wrapper the GS comes with). Use the spatula end of your scupting tool to flatten and thin the GS. Cut it to shape with an xacto. Poke some holes in it. Let it set up 5-10 minutes or so. So it stiffens a little, depends on the amount of blue you use. Now you can either apply the gs to the mini by holding the foil or you can peel it off the foil and apply. I generally then you my sculpting tools to put in the creases and such. That's just one way to do it. On my Templars I've actually made a support and will show that in the near future.