Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A new Word Bearer...In gray and green

As I build various things, I will often assemble a Chaos Space Marine leftover from 40k never played nor built in my bitz box, and use up left over bits of GS or other types of putty.  I'm still a fan of 40k models and the fluff.  So this is my latest creation, meant to be another in an endless line of  Word Bearers.  I do like the possessed bits, lot of fun those are.
This is sort of a primer of sorts.  I'm planning a return to 40k, building a new "Insert Color Here" Templar army.  I've been working on the vehicles this past week, and they should be interesting, as I'm attempting to recapture the sort of ramshackle look that my Cerulean Templar motor pool had.  My new breed of 40k Templars will certainly not be Black and White and will not even be Blue and White. 
The drapings on this marine are something that I will use with the Templars.  All the new Templar bitz, will definitely make me sharpen up my game a bit, so that my sculpting won't look completely out of place. 
40k Chaos though does beckon me, but having done Fantasy Chaos since 2003, I think I need a bit of break from chaos.  Once my Fantasy Chaos Warrior army is mostly done then I will completely move onto Orcs and 40k Templars and Vikings and back to my WAB Crusaders now that Conquest Games has announced that they are going to do Plastic Infantry.  That should give me the break that I need from Chaos, and take care of the next few years of Hobby time. 


  1. Sweet conversion and putty work! How did you do the studs holding the cloth in place? Did you press a thin brass rod into it, or something like that? Cheers

  2. Thanks. The studs are done with a 0.7mm mechanical pencil, by pressing the tube without the lead into the curing GS.

  3. Nice. I'll have to remember that trick

  4. Very nice job, this is a very impressive dude and the possessed left hand gives it a very nice touch.

    Oh, and great tip on the mechanical pencil, by the way!!!!

  5. I really dig the pose. Good stuff!

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