Thursday, November 3, 2011

Old Ford Pick-up Progress

My move has significantly slowed my progress on miniatures as I get settled, but my old truck really hasn't moved much and at least I know where all the pieces are for it.  Progress is always slow on it, but it now it has rear fenders that actually have paint on them (look better Butch?).
Course when you do things like this you always find mistakes, and one of those is the black rectangular like gap between fender, box, and running board.  Getting some new sheet metal bent to fix that.
Yep the aluminum box is the gas tank, minus all of the plumbing.  Decided the yellow was not bright enough, so I needed a box with some diamond plate.  The yellow color is a little off in these pics.
Another angle of the box.
 And yes, I got wheels, nice looking 5 spoke rally type wheels.  Now I need a tailgate and rear bumper, tail lights, and more work.  New goal is to be on the road next spring after the snow melts.

Much more to follow on this project.


  1. Every time I go home, my dad's working on his 61' Scout, so I understand how much time, effort, labor, etc. goes into some of this. Looking good, I especially love the Banana yellow :)


  2. Thanks man. I've been working on this truck for about 13+ years, and its nearing completion. Hopefully in the spring, I'll finally be sitting behind the wheel going down the road, instead of looking at in pieces.

    The funny part about this color is its a GM color called Mean Yellow, for corvettes. I call it Nucleur Banana Yellow.

  3. Yes it does my friend, yes it does...

  4. Man, that is looking awesome! The lines on it are clean as can be. Great job!

  5. Wow! The bright color yellow looks absolutely beautiful. Plus, the diamond plate is a great combination to the color. I’m sure it will look sparkling under the sun. The customization process that you did is so impressive. Great job!

  6. All the time, energy, and effort you are putting into this truck is definitely paying off. It looks absolutely stunning! I love the curves around the body, even with that rectangular gap between the rear fender, the box, and the running board. I like your choice of color too. I think it’s just right for the truck – flashy and bright. I see you’ve also put some new stainless headlight bezels and sealed beams on the front too! Awesome work!

  7. Yea, its coming along gradually. Now that I'm basically done kart racing for the season, more time can be spent on it. I have a tailgate mounted to finish off the back, the rectangular holes are gone. I had a box built to hide the fuel tank. We are going to build a rear bumper that will also house the tail lights. All told I hope to have it completely done next spring along with a brand new LTO racing kart.