Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Crusaders... Conversions underway...

Adepticon is coming, so I need more crusaders for WAB.  Decided to add some Conquest Games's knights and few Perry's.

Below is a WIP of one of the riders. The Conquest mini's are cool, but like the Perry's too much chainmail.  Looking forward to the Fireforge minis that are coming out soon.
Below is some of the horse caparison work.  A ways to go yet along with some smoothing and fold work. 
Another shot.  The fronts are coming out pretty well.  Not sure if I will actually do the stitching yet.  It's a real pain and kind of fragile for gaming purposes.
So many projects, no time to get bored.


  1. Really nice, a tutorial on doing cloth in green stuff would be much appreciated. I am completely unable to do it no matter what I try.

  2. Sure can. I'll come up with something for a tutorial, my methods is somewhat simple and something I've taught people at my past seminars how to do in the past in relatively short order.

  3. Nice, I look forward to seeing it.

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