Sunday, November 13, 2011

Orc Palanquin WIP

Did not feel very well this past weekend and was a bit busy on top of that, but I did get started on a project for my orc army.  I got this miniature last year at Adepticon.  Ever since I saw it, I thought it would make for a good orc palanquin with some changes.
The first being the head, did not fit with the GW miniatures.  I've started to fix that by removing the top part of the head and replacing it with a GW head top.  I also removed the ugly looking skull at the top of the tusks.  Will replace that probalby with an Orc glyph or one of the Beastmen large animal skulls.
 The second was the big disc that the throne sat on.  That needs to be made into an appropriate palanquin.
So, that's it so far.  Long ways to go on it.

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