Thursday, November 24, 2011

My new 40k Space Marine Army begins....

.....Slowly.  I'm so disenchanted with Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition, that I'm planning a return to 40k.  A game, I essentially, with the exception of playing a short team-up with Greg in Green Bay, last played just about 10 years ago.

So after my move I found all my loyalist space marine parts and began thinking about the army a bit.  It will certainly be a DIY Chapter, much in the vein of my Cerulean Templar army, except this time they will be red and not blue.  In my past experience, I never really had the firepower with that army as it was geared to close combat, overly so.  So this time there will be lots of marines with bolters.  So how do you make your army a bit different, dig through your bitz box.

In the digging I found an older boltgun like the one in the upper left, and I think a kill team bolter to the right of that (I have a bunch of those). 
Then I found some extra long bolters that I built long ago, and the metal one towards the bottom.  Still not enough diversity, so I will do some with drum magazines.  And then I found a bunch of flamers, so with a little bit of time today, I created the four boltgun you see in the center, using flamers, a bolt gun, and left over 40k ork bits from building my fantasy orc army. 

It's a start.  Its amazing how you forget what you have, as I found I had two Forgeworld Dreadnoughts in addition to a bunch of vehicles.  Much more to come on this army build. 

And no I'm not quiting fantasy as I still plan to build and paint the Chaos army and Orc army. 

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Awesome boltguns! I'm excited to see how they look in the hands of your Space Marines. I especially like the lengthened boltguns... very nice! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving as well.

  2. Nice conversions,any other spoilers on the nature of this chapter?

  3. Ha...Spoiler: the one Forgeworld Dread is a Templar Dread...

  4. Man, pretty much in the same boat as you. I recently discovered there was a gaming group nearby and decided to go along and see how inspired I would be to get back into wargaming. Very as it turned out! I've just started a blog, and I've played a total of 7 games so far, and doing pretty well. I too was surprised at what I had from ten years ago, and have added more since. When someone offers you 15 assault terminators for £10 you can't say no=]

    Look forward to reading more posts about you getting into 40k, I may get some tips!