Monday, November 7, 2011

New Spawn….Influenced by the Disc 2

As things come together, you always get new ideas and the Tzeentch disc and my previous spawn gave me some more ideas on new chaos spawn. The ideas like the others were mainly to help tie more of this stuff together in the army. 
This one also uses a rat ogre body left over from the Warhammer Fantasy boxed set. I really like these overly muscled rat ogre bodies.  For this one I decide to merge it with a number of tyranid pieces to make it more menacing and this also ties together better with my disc.

Not sure what I will do with the paint schemes just yet, but they should all tie together with the other spawn. I do really like the use of the armor on these rat ogres, they do kind of resemble the armor on some of my marauders. I’ll probably incorporate some of the armor elements into my Chaos Ogres down the road.
 The back banner is from some other chaos model.  I really wanted the extra small arm claw to look like it had some musculature and could actually work.
The recessed areas will soon be rivet heads, but I still have not unpacked that material from my move.
I can't wait to paint the eyeball buried in the shoulder, as strange as that sounds.


  1. Looks great, very spawny! Might steal some of your inspiration!

  2. Really nice work, this has given me some ideas for Chaos Trolls.

  3. Excellent conversion work! The blending of tyranid and ogre has worked very well indeed.