Sunday, November 6, 2011

Warriors and more warriors...

I'm still getting settled in to my new work space and unpacking all of the maruaders and other chaos warriors, along with a number of other projects that I have yet to finish.  Now I have a desk full of miniatures.

It's quite the mixture of miniature barbarians.  Going yto get back to painting very soon.  The one thing I forgot to do prior to the move and during the modelling of this was to make some banner men for the units.  So I will have to rectify that. 

I also recently picked up some Avatars of War plastic dwarves, and plan to convert those into some chaos models.

Next up some paint WIPs and we will get back to finishing the movement tray tutorial.


  1. Thats a lot of painting to have on the table at once. Seeing what lies ahead of me I lose motivation so I keep most of the unpainted but assembled models hidden away.

  2. The Rat Ogre conversions towards the back really caught my eye.
    Will be interesting to see the Avatars of War conversions, I had a similar idea myself.

  3. Yep, lots of work. I remember someone questioning if I could rank these up, they are mostly placed randomly, so I think it won't be much of an issue.

    I'll be assembly line painting most all of these. The HQ and champion models will get a bit more attention than the others.

    Ah the rat ogre conversions, one of them can be found by the spawn tags. The other pics will be coming of him, just need to set up one of my tables for picture taking. Right now these are sitting on my drawing table as the regular work table is a bigger mess with ancients, trays, space marines....yes space marines....another project in the works.