Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beginnings of a Chaos Warshrine

I started this model a couple months ago before I moved, and have not made much progress with it since. 
The more it sits on my desk, the more I dislike it.  It started out as a sketch on napkin and has progressed to this point, but needs a lot more work.  I am a huge fan of spawns, but this one is not quite working out.
Below is the business end of the spawn.  Thinking about the model, wondering if I should not make it more like the two with the tyranid heads.

And yes the carriage portion of the model is not going to be empty.  There will be a champion riding that, using the nurgle champ model.  I'll dress him up a bit more.  I'm also thinking I need banners, those will need to go behind the pillar.  Can never have enough banners.

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