Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Khorne Knight Unit nearly complete modeling…

Here are my pics of the Khorne Knight unit. Still need to finish up the basing and build a movement tray. The tray again is from a junked project and will get used for something down the road, so ignore it for the time being.

Added symbols, both sculpted and brass etch by Forgeworld. Also added skulls, heads, and capes. The fur capes were inspired by the GW Khorne Lord on foot.

I remembered long ago see this artwork by Adrian Smith in the Chaos book shown in the below clip. Note the helmet.

I decided I want some helmets that look similar to that. At first I thought about sculpting my own, but that would be a very time consuming process. Then back when I was building the first Skaven War Litter, I was using the new plastic Storm Vermin and had to cut off some of the halberds. I thought they were very cool blades and I needed to use them for something. One day I had the chaos warrior book and happened to see the Smith’s artwork and the storm vermin blades were sitting on my desk and I was like “yea that’ll do nicely”. It’s much easier to convert them. Now, I have cool looking horns that need to be used on something else.

Again like the tzeentch unit, I have staggered the placement of the models on the bases. Eventually, I will be adding Chaos Knight Centaurs, but I need to figure out the best way of molding my torsos that I have sculpted, so that I can vary up the torsos for different looks. The torso will be very much like a 40k Space Marine torso.

Above you can see the fur cap on one of the minis.

Note that I also turned the knights on the flank to the outside, just to give them a slightly more dynamic feel.

Next up many more marauders, new spawn, progress on the Tzeentch hero on the disc, and a unit of Chaos Warriors all converted up to be armed with halberds and shields. Also will have much WAB Crusaders in paint, the models of which are Perry Miniatures with some them being converted.

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  1. Mate those look fantastic!! I really like the look of the Halberd blades on the Helmet, I might have to borrow that idea for my Khorne stuff at some stage, it looks ultra brutal!

    The other 3 cats almost look a little underdone now though in comparison, would be great if the whole unit could be sporting that look!