Monday, May 30, 2011

Tzeentch Knight unit modelled.

Well, made some progress on the Tzeentch unit of knights. I still have one cape to do and have to finish all of the basing and movement tray, but they are essentially done with the exception of few little touch-ups. Hopefully the next time you see them they will be in color.

Below is the bannerman and the musician.

The next shot is of the entire unit. The Max-mini heads really set these apart and make them look good. I have a chaos warrior unit and a chosen unit, those will have plenty of the warrior heads on them, so these knights had to be different.

This is not the movement tray that I will use for these, this is one of the spares that was from a junked project.

The next two photos show the flanks. I like this flank, turning the outside figure ever so slightly to look off in this direction.

The one thing that I tried to do with this unit is have it look like the center models are charging out a little bit. The banner man and the unit champ are mounted a bit forward. The one benefit of doing this is that it does help with the ranking up of some crazy poses. This won't work as well for you if you do not make a movement trays a bit wider.

And another few of the knights from the front.

Next up Khorne!...The Khorne Knight Unit is almost finished. Also got a unit of Chaos Warriors and some more additions to the marauders, along with a spawn or two. And pics of my painted Crusaders are coming also.


  1. Nice, I can't wait to see them painted up...

  2. looking good, what did you use for the heads? looks like high elf knights maybe?

  3. Thanks. Heads are from MaxMini, called Black Locusts or something like that. No weedy elves, ;)