Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Rank of VC Bashin' Black Orcs

The Vampire Count Bashin' Black Orcs continue...These are some from the front rank. Just about ready to put together the unit.

Below you see the back of the BSB. I have a specially converted banner for that guy. The cape you see is made out of ProCreate putty. I have been trying it a bit and just cannot get it to work real well for me. Also the neutral gray is very hard for me to see when working with it. It does smooth out well for the cape.

There is also a bit of plastic sprue welded to the miniature on the underside of the cape to help give it a hump between the shoulders.

More glyphs. The one on the right is the unit champion. The Head is from the one black orc banner. You can note that the jaw line was trimmed down considerably.

Back side of them. Since they have so much plate armor and mail, I decided to put some fur on them to break that up a bit.

Here are the musician and bannerman. Just subtle conversions.

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