Thursday, May 19, 2011

The VC Bashin' Black Orc Unit....Modeling's Done

Well here is the completed unit with movement tray and without the banners. The tray like the others for the VC Bashers are a bit larger than normal to add extra eye candy and keep shaky people away from smashing them on the table.

I will say after shooting these pics, I thought I let down the theme a bit. So I went back and added more zombie heads and other body parts to them for trophies. The BSB and unit champ are in the middle of the front rank.

Note the turning of the dudes on the flanks to face the outside a little bit more. I think this helps with the eyecandy along the sides. It also helps in ranking up the unit a little bit more.

The back of the unit is boring, but the addition of the capes will allow the commissioner a place to freehand some more details if he so chooses.

And that is it for the Blorcs. Back to chaos...and I should soon be showing pics of my painted crusaders.

Also in a bit of cool news, I just read off of George RR Martin's site that Dance of Dragons is coming out in July. I can not wait to read that book...well actually I've been waiting years...but oh well. Looking forward to it. I'll be racing again Friday night unless it rains.

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